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4 New Social Media Trends Sweeping Latin America

Recent studies reveal some changes in the way Latin Americans are using social media. To offer professionals in marketing, media and advertising market insights that may be helpful for their next campaigns, we decided to highlight 4 of the recent trends we have observed.

#1 More Latin Americans Are Accessing Social Media Sites with Mobile Phones
In August, Facebook published data about its Latin American users. The social site indicated that it has 200 million users in Latin America, not a huge surprise given its deep penetration in the region. But what was surprising was the information Facebook revealed about its Latam users’ habits. Nearly 3 out of 4 Facebook users in Mexico (74.5%) connect to Facebook using mobile devices. Nearly 60% of Argentine Facebook users log onto the site with mobile devices and in Brazil, 58% of Facebook users go onto to site with either smartphones or tablets.
Of course, Facebook is not the only source that signals this trend. A study from Nielsen called The Mobile Consumer showed that 75% of the Brazilians they surveyed use their cell phones to go on social media, while a GfK Argentina study showed that 1 out of 3 Argentines access social media via their cell phones.

#2 More Than Half of Latin Americans Use Social Media for Business Purposes
A recent study from ESET Latin America—an antivirus company—showed that 51% of Latin Americans say they use social media for work purposes and nearly 50% share information about work through social media channels.

#3 Packaged Good Firms in Latin America Are Using Social Media More Than Ever
Market research firm Euromonitor recently noted the increase in social media use by companies that produce packaged goods. Among the main tactics the companies are using in Latin America are contests, special offers and free recipes. The report cites several examples, including a campaign for 15-minute recipes done by Wasil in Chile, a Facebook contest in Ecuador from Casero (an ice cream brand) and a campaign by Lay’s in Peru that allowed people to choose the next flavor for the brand’s chips. Download the report here.

#4 More Latin Americans Combine Social Media with Watching TV
The 2012 edition of the Ericsson Consumer Lab study involved consumers from several Latin American countries, including Chile, Brazil and Mexico. According to the study results:

  • 83% of Mexican consumers surveyed combine social media and TV
  • 79% of Chilean consumers combine social media and TV
  • 73% of Brazilians combine social media and TV

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Mexico Internet

6 of the Hottest Online Trends in Mexico

According to the Asociación Mexicana de Internet (AMIPCI), there are 45 million Internet users in Mexico. The #2 online market in all of Latin America—second only to Brazil—shows no signs of slowing down. After reviewing the data from recent studies, we’ve identified a number of key trends that professionals in marketing, media and advertising should focus on.

#1 Internet ad spend continues growing strongly. In June 2013 IAB México announced that online ad spend in Mexico had increased by 38% in 2012, from 4.6 billion pesos (US$350 million) in 2011 to 6.3 billion (US$479 billion) in 2012. Overall, since 2008 online ad spend in Mexico has increased by nearly 150%. While no ad spend figures are yet available for 2012, in 2011 Internet took up 7% of the ad spend in Mexico, a percentage higher than that of magazines (3%) and very close to newspapers (8%), out of home (8%) and radio (9%).

#2 E-commerce continues powerful growth in Mexico. According to AMIPCI, e-commerce grew by 46% in 2012 to reach nearly 80 billion pesos (US$6 billion). In 2008, these sales totaled just under 20 million pesos—meaning that e-commerce in Mexico has quadrupled over the past 4 years. Also of note is that in 2012, the months with the highest volume of online sales in Mexico were August, November and December.

#3 A massive mobile market is emerging. According to Ericsson, by 2018 Mexico will have more than 150 million active mobile subscriptions.  These projections are likely to be driven by surging sales in smartphones (16 million expected to be sold in 2013) and tablets (2.2 million expected to be sold in 2013) and significant gains in mobile broadband adoption. In fact, for the first trimester of 2013, the Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones reported an increase of 39% in mobile broadband connections in Mexico.
Looking forward, eMarketer recently estimated that there is 22.6% smartphone penetration in Mexico and that it will reach 43.6% by 2017. In addition, recent data from Ipsos OTX indicates that 48% of Mexican Internet users would prefer to make payments with a smartphone or tablet instead of using their wallets—this was a higher rate of interest than Internet users in Argentina, Brazil, Canada and even the United States.

#4 Online video maintains powerful reach in Mexico. Recent data from comScore indicates that 81% of Mexican Internet users watch online videos. That’s a potential audience of 36 million that advertisers can reach through this cost-efficient, effective solution. Despite this, eMarketer observes that there is a puzzling gap between the audience and the advertising: only 2% of online advertising spend in Mexico is directed toward videos. This discrepancy can well offer an impactful way for brands to connect with audiences—before this practice becomes commonplace and the field gets crowded.

#5 Internet activity is highest during the week. According to the AMIPCI study, 82% of Mexican Internet users connect on Mondays, 77% on Tuesdays, 80% on Wednesdays, 77% on Thursdays and 85% on Fridays. In contrast, only 62% of Mexican Internet users go online on Saturdays and only 47% connect to the Internet on Sundays.

#6 Social media engagement remains high. AMIPCI’s results indicate that 93% of Mexican Internet users report using at least one social network and when asked to rank their main online activities, 82% of the internautas said that going on social media is one of them. Only searching for information (84%) and sending/receiving emails (87%) ranked higher.
Not surprisingly, Facebook has the deepest reach among social sites in Mexico (82%), followed by Blogger with 42% reach and 12.1 million unique users in May 2013. Among the social sites with strong recent growth in Mexico are ask.fm (a massive 10,000% growth since May 2012), Pinterest (124% growth since May 2012), Tumblr (107% growth since May 2012) and LinkedIn (88% growth since June 2012).

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