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Argentine tablet user

Tablet Sales Spike in Argentina

According to a study done by tech consulting firm Carrier y Asociados, tablet sales in Argentina have gone up by 69%. The company compared total tablet sales during the first 6 months of 2012 —91,000 units—to the amount sold in the first half of 2011. Apple has the largest market share in the Argentine tablet market, with 23%. Coby’s Kyros has second place, with 13% market share. Samsung tablets have 10% market share in Argentina. Other companies with significant tablet market share in the country include:

• X-view (9%)
• Sony (8%)
• Blackberry (8%)
• Titan (7%)

The rest of the market share—21%—is divided up among a range of other companies with small respective shares. In 2011, 225,000 tablets were sold in Argentina and Apple had the largest market share at 20%. To find out how we can help you reach Latin America’s surging mobile market, please contact us.

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