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6 of the Latest Social Media Trends in Brazil

The more agencies understand how Brazilians access and use social media, the better they can optimize their campaigns and maximize their ad investment. That’s why we reviewed new research on Brazilian social media use. We spotted several trends, including:

#1 Seven Social Sites
According to a poll of more than 1,500 Brazilian Internet users aged 15 to 32 that was done by CONECTA  (an online community), on average, young Brazilian Internet users have profiles on 7 social media sites.
Facebook was the most popular (96% of Brazilian Internet users have a page on it), followed by YouTube (70%), Skype (69%), Google+ (67%), Twitter (64%), Orkut (57%) and Instagram (52%).

#2 Mobile Majority
The CONECTA survey indicated that 88% of the cell phones of younger Brazilian Internet users have the Facebook app installed. Most also have YouTube (81%) and WhatsApp (79%) on their phones. For those who own tablets, 61% have the Facebook app installed and 59% have the Youtube app.
This tendency to connect to social networks via mobile is further supported by research from Comitê Gestor da Internet no Brasil, which indicated that 53% of younger Brazilian Internet users go on social networks using cell phones and 16% use tablets.

#3 Always Connected
Another finding of the CONECTA survey was that because of the easy access through their phones, a large majority of Brazilian Internet users report they are always connected to social networks: 89% are continually on Facebook, 87% on WhatsApp and 63% on Instagram.

#4 World Leaders in Social Media Use
A survey from SurveyMonkey in partnership with Social@Ogilvy indicates that Brazilians spend nearly 14 hours a month on social networks, more than many large online markets. The survey polled 6,500 Internet users in 16 countries, including those in China, Russia, the United States, Germany, Japan, Argentina and Mexico. The #2 country in social media use was Russia, with an average of 10.8 hours a month, followed by Argentina.
This 14 hour per month figure on social media actually may be low, by the way. A recent study from comScore indicated that Brazilians spend 56 minutes a day on social media, a total of 1,680 minutes or 28 hours a month.

#5 Heavy Sharing
The SurveyMonkey survey also indicated that 71% of Brazilian Internet users share content on social media, the highest percentage of all countries surveyed.

#6 Social Searching for Jobs
A survey from Jana indicated that job hunters from Brazil prefer to use Facebook to look for work rather than LinkedIn or Google. In fact, 59% of the Brazilians said they use Facebook to look for jobs while only 14% use LinkedIn and 30% use Google+.

To find out more how we can help your agency increase its efficiencies via media services and new technology developed for the Brazilian market, please contact us.

Ask.fm Surpasses Orkut to Become the #3 Social Site in Brazil

Back in December 2012, we wrote about the rise of ask.fm in Brazil and Latin America while noting the other social sites that had lost traffic in the region. However, new data from credit firm Serasa Experian now shows that ask.fm is the #3 social site in Brazil. This ranking is based on the percentage of visits to social sites as opposed to unique visitors or overall reach. So for example, Facebook receives 68% of the visits made to social sites by Brazilians each month. Ask.fm only receives 1.86% but that’s enough for it to rank #3 behind YouTube, which receives 16.7% of the visits to social sites in Brazil, and ahead of sites like Twitter, Orkut, Badoo and Google+. Here are the rankings from Serasa Experian, listing each site and the percentage of total social media visits it receives in the Brazilian market:

  1. Facebook (68%)
  2. YouTube (16.7%)
  3. Ask.fm (1.86%)
  4. Twitter (1.75%)
  5. Orkut (1.73%)
  6. Yahoo! Respostas Brasil (1.55%)
  7. Badoo (1.08%)
  8. Bate papo UOL (.082%)
  9. Google+ (.74%)
  10. Instagram (.48%)

Comparing ComScore Figures
It’s important to note that the figures from comScore for May 2013 show a different social media landscape for Brazil. When you look at the category of social networks in Brazil for May 2013, Facebook is still #1—attracting 29 million unique users, offering 91% reach and with 53 million minutes spent on it throughout the month. However, comScore ranks ask.fm as the #6 social network in Brazil, behind LinkedIn (#2), Orkut (#2), Twitter (#4) and Tumblr (#5). And while just a couple of years ago in Brazil the battle was between Facebook and Orkut, nowadays professional social site LinkedIn has slightly more uniques and slightly deeper reach than Orkut, which of course was the dominant social site in Brazil for years.

While Ask.fm may not have as high a ranking per comScore, its growth has been staggering: 79,000% growth in unique visitors since May 2012. In comparison, Twitter has only grown by a modest 20% in the past year in Brazil, outpaced by Tumblr’s 132% growth. Also worth noting is that Tumblr registered 10.2 million unique visitors in May 2013 in Brazil, not far behind Twitter’s 13.8 million. Here’s a look at the top 10 social networks in Brazil as ranked by comScore for May 2013, listing total unique visitors for the month and percentage growth since May 2012:

  1. Facebook, 63 million (2.9%)
  2. LinkedIn, 14.4 million (114.9%)
  3. Orkut, 14.2 million (11%)
  4. Twitter, 13.8 million (20%)
  5. Tumblr, 10.2 million (132.9%)
  6. Ask.fm, 9.8 million (79,000%)
  7. XPG, 7.3 million (-27.6%)
  8. Scribd, 5.4 million (24.7%)
  9. Badoo, 3.6 million (69%)
  10. Yahoo! Profile, 2.8 million (402%)

So is Ask.fm really the #3 social site in Brazil? While the Serasa Experian data is compelling, comScore’s visitor data seems to be a more decisive factor. That said, comScore’s Brazil Digital Future in Focus report—using data from December 2012—indicated that Brazilians spend 92.8% of their time on social sites on Facebook. Guess which social site was #2 in terms of percentage of time spent? Ask.fm, with 2.1%, more than Orkut (1.6%), Tumblr (1%) or Twitter (.08%).

To find out how we can help you reach Brazilians via media campaigns of all types, please contact us.

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7 New Trends in Brazilian Media

To help advertisers, media professionals and marketers with their future campaigns, here’s a look at key recent developments within Brazil’s media market.

#1 Newspaper Circulation Keeps Growing
According to the Instituto Verificador de Circulação, newspaper circulation in Brazil went up 1.8% in 2012. The average daily circulation of newspapers in Brazil in 2012 was 4.5 million copies, a new record.

#2 Brazil Has 94 Million Internet Users—with 22 Million More on the Way
According to IBOPE, Brazil reached this figure in November 2012. It’s significantly higher than the 83 million reported earlier by IBOPE or the 85 million estimated by comScore. This is because this count of Internet users in Brazil includes children between 2 and 15. Regardless, it looks like Brazil will have more than 100 million Internet users in 2013: a study from Search Laboratory estimates that this year, Brazil will gain 22 million new internautas.

#3 Brazil Has 261 Million Mobile Lines
According to Anatel, Brazil had 261 million active mobile lines at the end of 2012, 8% more than in 2011. Overall, the agency reports that Brazil now has 132% mobile penetration. An increasing number of these phones are smartphones: in fact, it’s projected that more than 21 million smartphones will be sold in Brazil in 2013.

#4 TV Watching and Pay TV Are Both Up in Brazil
According to IBOPE, in 2012 Brazilians watched 3 more minutes of TV than they did in 2011 and overall they watch 23 more minutes of TV than they did 5 years ago. Average TV consumption in Brazil is 5 hours and 32 minutes per day. In addition, the Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (Anatel) reported that at the end of 2012, 16.2 million households in Brazil were subscribing to pay TV, an increase of 27%. Since the average amount of people per household in the country is 3.3, this means that pay TV has an audience of 53.4 million in Brazil.

#5 Most Magazine Readers in Brazil Are Women
A 2012 study from IBOPE’s Target Group Index showed that 61% of magazine readers in Brazil are women and are from classes AB. In addition, the highest amount of magazine readers in the past 7 days (37%) are from Brasilia and Belo Horizonte. In all of Brazil, 31% of Brazilians have read a magazine in the past 7 days, according to the study. In addition, 57% of magazine readers have consumed 5 or 6 other forms of media in the past 7 days. Other pertinent activities among Brazilian magazine readers include:

  • Going on social media (54%)
  • Reading news often (45%)
  • Serving as brand champions by writing product reviews that convince others (27%)

#6 Brazil Leads the World in Facebook Growth
A study from SocialBakers indicates that 30 million Brazilians joined Facebook in 2012—the biggest increase in any country in the world. India was in second place with 21 million and Japan was third, with 11 million. Brazil is also one of the countries whose citizens are the most engaged with Facebook. On average, each Brazilian Facebook user spends 535 minutes a month on the site, 208% more time than in 2011.

#7 Cross Media Usage Is More Common than Ever in Brazil
A 2012 study from E.Life indicated that 50% of Brazilian Internet users watch TV while on social media. A 2012 study from IBOPE showed that 43% of Brazilians watch TV while on social media and that 29% comment about what they’re watching on these media. A third study, this one from Ericcson Consumer Lab, showed that 73% of Brazilians watch TV while on social media.
But TV and social media aren’t the only ones that Brazilians blend. A study from Target Group Index indicated that 22% of Brazilians watch TV while reading the newspaper and 17% listen to the radio while they’re on the Internet.

To find out how we can help you reach Brazil via any other type of media, please contact us.

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3 Great Ways to Reach Brazilian Internet Users

Recently, we’ve written quite a bit about Brazil’s spiking online ad spend. We know that online grew 19% in ad spend in 2011 and that it makes up 10% of the country’s overall ad spend. But the challenge for media, advertising and marketing professionals is where to direct those online ad funds.

Several recent studies we’ve reviewed, including comScore’s 2012 Brazil Digital Future in Focus, offer some ideas for concentrating online ad buys.

#1 ONLINE VIDEO A quick look at the numbers shows how hot this category is. First, Brazil’s online video audience is the biggest in Latin America—42.9 billion. It grew by 19% in 2011. Brazilians watched a total of 4.7 billion online videos in 2011, 74% more than in 2010. Besides overall volume, individual volume of online videos watched is also high in Brazil: each viewer watched an average of 109 in 2011.

According to comScore, Google Sites—owner of YouTube—is the #1 site for Brazilian online video viewers. That’s not surprising, considering that YouTube recently reported that Brazil is its #6 market in the world, that it reaches 79% of the country’s Internet users and that its views from Brazilians grew 67% last year.

Several other sources also point to the heavy popularity of online video in Brazil. A 2011 survey of 6,500 consumers in 7 countries done by Accenture showed that 89% of Brazilians reported that they watch online videos. This was more than people in the United States (80%) or the United Kingdom (75%). And in another 2011 survey, this one from Forrester, 86% of Brazilians said that they watch online videos.

Beyond the strong viewership, it’s important to note that currently, ads take up less than 2% of the time spent watching online videos—compared to 25% of the time spent watching TV. As such, advertisers can stand out more while getting better segmentation and highly accurate audience measurement. These advantages and the strong market for online videos in Brazil and Latam led us to launch Jumba Video Network last year. It brings together top video sites for targeting all of Latin America, specific markets like Brazil and allows for a wide range of segmentation options.

#2 SOCIAL MEDIA AND BLOGS These seem like rather obvious ways to reach Brazilian Internet users, especially when you consider that 97% of them are on social networks. In addition, comScore recently reported that blogs have 96% reach among Brazilian Internet users—the country is #1 in the world in this regard and the audience for blogs grew 44% last year.

However, some studies suggest that there hasn’t been a huge rush of companies investing in social media campaigns in Brazil. For instance, a 2011 survey of 156 Brazilian companies by Orbium revealed that 42% of them had never done a social media campaign but were interested in doing so. In addition, nearly 10% of the Brazilian companies surveyed said they had no interest in conducting social media campaigns. Another study done by Forbes in partnership with Weber Shandwick showed a similar reserve from Brazilian executives when it comes to social media: 41% said that the risks of investing in social media are greater than the gains.

Despite this, Facebook clearly seems to offer powerful potential in Brazil, growing by 192% in 2011. Visitors averaged 4.8 hours on Facebook in December 2011, 667% more time than in December 2010. Blogging site Tumblr also grew enormously in Brazil in 2011, going up in visitors by 206%. Other hot social sites in the country include LinkedIn (79% growth), Slideshare (65%) and Twitter (40%). Finally, Brazil is the fourth largest market for Google Plus in the world, just behind France.

#3 NEWS/INFORMATION SITES In a November 2011 presentation at MediaOn 2011, Alex Banks, comScore’s Executive Director, was quoted as saying that Brazil is the #2 consumer of online news in the world. More recently, in February 2012 Brazil dropped to #4 in consumption of online news. That said, the fact that it ranks among the top 5 markets in the world in this category—not far behind the United States, Sweden and South Korea—clearly indicates that news sites are a very effective means of reaching Brazilian Internet users. This category posted impressive gains in 2011, growing by 39% in visitors. According to comScore, the average Brazilian visitor to a news site spends 33 minutes a month consuming news, viewing an average of 37 pages of content. The top-ranked news sources for Brazilian Internet users are Globo Noticias, UOL Noticias-Folha, Terra News, Yahoo! News and Estadao.

However, it’s important to note that the previous figures are for general news. When it comes to other types of news, other sites do well. For example, Brazilian portal iG consistently ranks in the top 5 for financial, technology and health news.

Despite this distinction, what’s clear is that news/information is another important category to consider when setting up an online campaign that’s targeting Brazilians.

To find out how we can help you reach Brazil via online video, news, social media or other digital options, please contact us at info@usmediaconsulting.com.

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