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4 Key Online Trends in Brazil for 2014

The firm F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi recently polled Brazilian Internet users. We analyzed the results to see if any data points emerged that online marketers should factor into their campaigns during 2014. Here’s what we found.

Facebook is Showing Slight Fatigue
About 8% of Brazilian Internet users say they are reducing their use of Facebook or leaving it: the percentage of Brazilians leaving Facebook is 11% among those aged 16 to 24.
Trend takeaway: Facebook is still quite popular in Brazil and comScore indicates that it takes up most of the time that Brazilians spend on social media. However, the numbers suggest that it’s worth experimenting with social sites that attract younger users to see if they deliver good ROI.

App Use Growing
More than 6 million Brazilians are using Instagram and 12% of Brazilians that use mobile Internet use Whatsapp, with use being higher among those 16 to 24 (15%).
Trend takeaway: Given that U.S. studies show that in-app ads have higher CTR than other kinds of mobile ads, there could be an interesting opportunity with apps like Whatsapp and Shazam.

Sharing Across Media
Some studies from last year showed that Social TV was gaining significant traction in Brazil, and the F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi study further contributes to the evidence. Nearly 38% of Brazilian Internet users say they comment about TV shows as they watch them, with 25% doing this for sports events they watch on TV.
Trend takeway: With the World Cup approaching, it makes sense for brands to develop spots that allow for social media interaction or that are cued to hashtags, as well as an array of native advertising options that relate to the Cup.

“Mobile” Doesn’t Mean “Moving”
The study results indicate that 43 million Brazilians use mobile Internet. However, this doesn’t mean that they are traveling when they go online. While 62% of Brazilians say they access the Internet from a desktop, 47% go online at home with a laptop, 43% use a cell phone and 10.5% use a tablet.
Trend takeaway: The increased use of mobile devices clearly highlights the need for greater investment, but what’s more telling is that Brazilians are using their devices at home, which may allow brands to achieve greater engagement with their mobile campaigns.

To find out more about how we can help you reach Brazilian Internet users with a strategic online campaign, please contact us.

Content Brazilians Share the most

The Content that Brazilians Share the Most on Social Media

When creating a digital marketing plan for Brazil that incorporates social media, it clearly makes sense to favor major sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, along with hot new sites like Ask.fm.  However, it’s also helpful to consider the websites whose content are shared the most on social networks. Knowing this can help you maximize the reach of your ads. Recently, research firm E.Life released a study on how Brazilians use social media. Part of the data involved the websites whose content Brazilians share the most on social media.

More than half (52%) of Brazilians share O Globo’s content on social media, while Folha de São Paulo is in second place with 14%. Other news sites in the country garner considerably less shares by Brazilian social media users, including Exame (7.3%), Veja (7%), R7 Noticias (4.7%), UOL Noticias (3.5%), Terra Noticias (3.5%), Vírgula (2.5%), Extra (2.5%) and Estadãö (2.5%).

Brazilians are among the world’s most avid watchers of online videos, and the E.Life study shows that 90% of the videos they share are from YouTube. Only 4% share videos from Vimeo and 1.5% share videos from Dailymotion.

Six out of ten Brazilian social media users share photos through Instagram, while 26% share photos via Twitpic and 12% do so with Flickr.

Other Key Data Points about Brazilian Social Media Users

Beyond discussing the media content most shared by Brazilians, E.life’s study also highlighted certain aspects about social media users in the country, including:

  • More than half (53.9%) report that they use mobile phones as their #2 way of accessing the Internet (a home computer is still the #1 way of going online)
  • Desktops are still the primary device that Brazilians use to access the Internet (74% use them), but the other two major devices they use for going online are notebooks (65.7%) and mobile phones (61.8%)
  • 54% of Brazilians report going online at least 30 hours per week and nearly 35% go online more than 40 hours per week
  • While a small percentage of Brazilians report using tablets to go online, 46% of tablet users in Brazil spend at least 20 hours a week on the Internet with their devices
  • Facebook is still the #1 site among 81% of the Brazilians surveyed by E.Life, while Google+ grew by 10 percentage points in popularity in Brazil since the 2012 E.Life survey and LinkedIn gained 21 percentage points
  • Instagram seems to be one of the hot new sites in Brazil: 22% of survey respondents report registering on the site at least 3 months before the survey
  • A third of survey respondents reported becoming recent users of Pinterest
  • 71% of Brazilians watch TV while on the Internet and 50% listen to the radio while on the Internet
  • Nearly 67% of Brazilians report that they follow brands on social media to get online customer service whenever they need it
  • 93% of Brazilians like company pages on Facebook and nearly half (48.5%) like companies more after following them on Facebook

To find out how we can help you reach Brazilians via social media or any other type of media, please contact us.

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Profiling the Average Internet User in Brazil

As we all know, proper targeting is everything when it comes to a campaign, especially in the online world. A new report from IAB Brasil called Indicadores Mercado Online may help you refine your targeting. It includes statistics from a variety of studies that seem to paint a picture of the average Brazilian internautas. Here’s a brief profile of the typical Internet user in Brazil, based on this research:

Most Are Young Males
Based on March 2013 results from research produced by IBOPE Media in partnership with Nielsen, nearly 53% of active Internet users in Brazil are men and 47% are women. The largest age group among Brazilian Internet users is 25 to 34 (25.6%), and #2 is 35 to 49, with 25.5%. So slightly more than half of your target audience in Brazil is 25 to 49. If we decide to include slightly younger age groups, we find that 11.6% of Brazilian internautas are between 18 and 24 and 10.5% are 12 to 17. This means that 73% —basically 3 out of 4 Brazilians who are active Internet users—are between 12 and 49 and significantly ore more likely to be male rather than female.

Most are Classes AB
According to  2012 research from IBOPE called Internet POP, Internet has 92% reach among class A Brazilians and 79% among Class B Brazilians, with significantly lesser reach among the growing class C (54%).

The Majority Are Located in the South or Southeast of Brazil
Research from comScore MediaMetrix indicates that more than half (54.9%) of Brazilian Internet users are in the southeastern part of the country and another 18% are in the south, meaning that your web banners are more likely to be seen by people in those parts of the country. In contrast, only 4.7% of Brazilian Internet users are in the north, only 13% are in the northeast and only 9% are in the center-west region.

Their Favorite Web Sites Include News and Entertainment
The research from IBOPE and Nielsen also looked at the top Web site categories for Brazilian Internet users. Search engines were the #1 category, followed by telecommunications/Internet sites (#2), entertainment sites (#3), computer/consumer electronics sites (#4) and news/information sites (#5). Other important categories include family/lifestyle (#9), travel (#10) and finance/investment (#12).
Interestingly, here at US Media Consulting we represent or work directly with major international brands in all of these areas. For example, in Brazil we represent The Wall Street Journal (news and finance), CNET (computers and tech), Clickhoteles (travel), last.fm and SongPop (entertainment). In addition, we frequently work with top technology sites like Mashable, Wired and NetShelter, top lifestyle sites like Glam Media and Enfemenino, top entertainment sites like Grooveshark and top news sites like Forbes, Bloomberg and The New York Times.

Most are Avid Watchers of Online Videos
The IAB Brasil report cites comScore Data that indicates that 8 out of 10 Brazilian Internet users watch online videos, which have the biggest reach among those between 25 and 34 (13 million) and those between 35 and 44 (9 million). This is why we launched Jumba Video Network, which brings together many top sites with online videos all over Brazil and Latin America.

Internet Drives Their Purchase Decisions
A TG.Net survey from June 2012 shows that 74% of Brazilians said they had gone on the Internet in the past 6 months to obtain information about products before buying them. In addition, 68% agree either totally or partially with the statement “A internet me ajuda mais que a televisão para decider que produto comprar” (“The Internet  helps me more than TV does in terms of deciding which product to buy.”) In addition, nearly 7 out of 10 Brazilian Internet users (69%) say that the Internet gives them product information that they can’t get anywhere else.

They Search for Social Sites the Most, then Multimedia
IAB Brasil’s report also cites March 2013 data from Hitwise that indicates that the type of Web sites that Brazilians search the most for are social media sites (30%). The #2 type of site category that Brazilian internautas search for are multimedia sites, which means music and video. Rounding out the top 5 are game sites, portal home pages and education sites.

They Are Fairly Likely to Be Online Shoppers
In 2012 more than 42 million Brazilians bought products online. Currently, comScore estimates that there are 89 million Internet users in Brazil. This means that 47% of Brazilian Internet users engage in e-commerce. For perspective on the explosive growth of e-commerce in Brazil, consider that in 2008 only 13 million Brazilians bought products via the Internet. According to e-bit the top 5 types of products that Brazilians bought online in 2012 were appliances (#1), clothes (#2), health and beauty products (#3), tech products (#4) and home décor products (#5). Overall, Brazilians spent R$ 22 billion (US$11 billion) on e-commerce purchases in 2012 and it’s projected that Brazilians will spend R $28 billion (US$14 billion) on e-commerce in 2013.

A Significant Portion Go Online Via Mobile Devices
The IAB Brasil report includes data from a survey of more than 20,000 Brazilian Internet users done between July 2011 and August 2012. Nearly 4 out of 10 Brazilian Internet users reported using a laptop, netbook or notebook to go online, compared to just 15% in 2009. In addition, 8% of Brazilians said they used smartphones to go online in 2012. That said, 2013 data from IBOPE Media—just published in Blue Bus—paints an even more potent picture of mobile Internet in Brazil. According to IBOPE, 52 million Brazilians can access the Internet via cell phones. Out of this total, 20 million Brazilians access the Internet using a smartphone. This IBOPE study also notes some interesting facts that marketers and advertisers should keep in mind: 64% of Brazilians who go online with smartphones read news, 47% to see what’s new in the music scene and 44% to watch videos.

To find out how we can help you reach Brazilians via any other type of media, please contact us.

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