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Social TV Takes off in Chile

In previous posts we’ve covered how Brazilians and other Latin Americans are embracing social TV, that is, watching TV with a mobile device and interacting with the shows. Now a new study from the Communications School at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile details for the first time how Chileans engage in social TV. The study surveyed more than 3,200 Chileans between December 2013 and January 2014. Here’s a look at relevant findings for agencies and advertisers.


  • 81% of Chilean Internet users say they use smartphones while watching TV and 52% combine using PCs with watching TV
  • The main activity that Chilean Internet users perform while watching TV with mobile devices is surf the Internet (39% reported doing so)
  • Other popular online activities for Chilean Internet users who watch TV while using mobile devices include searching for information (30%), reading news (24%) and listening to or downloading music (21%)


  • Eight in 10  (81.8%) of Chilean Internet users go on social networks while watching TV, with 75% using Facebook
  • 65% of Chilean Internet users have used social media  to comment on TV shows they watch
  • Chileans tend to go on social media to comment about TV shows from 10 PM on (50%) versus between 7 and 10 PM (31%)
  • Nearly 23% of Chilean Internet users have nearly always started watching TV shows or changed what they’re watching due to social media comments
  • 35% have only switched what they watch on TV due to social media when they did not know what they wanted to watch, while nearly 15% say their TV choices have never been influenced by social media
  • Interesting things that happen onscreen (68%), mistakes or false information (62%), flubs by TV personalities (47%), prize offerings (32%) and the start of commercial breaks (30%) are what spur Chileans to take to social networks to comment about TV
  • The main types of TV content that Chileans talk about on social media are movies (40%), news (39%), TV shows (38%), current events or politics (32%) and sports (27%)
  •  43% of Chilean Internet users say they would like to receive personalized recommendations about TV based on their use of the Internet

Exploring Further
A number of brands are trying to take advantage of this growing trend of social TV in markets like Chile. One interesting way is through Shazam, the mobile phone app. Shazam can be integrated with TV commercials to offer viewers more information about programs and include some extra advertising to reach them.

Contact us to find out more about Shazam or to see how we can help your agency increase its efficiencies via media services and new technology developed for the Latam market.

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7 Surprising Facts about Mexican Internet Users

Recent research from the World Internet Project offers an in-depth look at Mexican Internet users. This analysis included some unexpected revelations about this audience, and we decided to break down some of the main ones to help media, marketing and advertising professionals develop their future online campaigns in Mexico.

#1 Massive Growth
The World Internet Project reported that there are 59 million Internet users in Mexico, significantly more than the 52 million reported by IAB Mexico in July 2013 and the 45 million indicated by Asociación Mexicana del Internet in May 2013. With a total population of 118 million in Mexico, this means that Internet penetration in Mexico is at 50%, a rate comparable with that of Brazil, Latam’s #1 Internet market in terms of users. In addition, the country seems on track to exceed the 65 million mark of Internet users that was projected for 2015 by the Latin America & Caribbean Network Information Centre.
Taking advantage: Given this rapid expansion of the Internet audience in Mexico, brands clearly should increase their online ad investment. Beyond targeted buys on premium sites, programmatic buys may also be a good solution for reaching this massive audience.

#2 Targeting Teens
The largest age group among Mexican Internet users is 12 to 18. Teens make up 24% of Mexico’s Internet users and total 14.3 million. This is significant for advertisers since studies show that 41% of Mexico’s teens have jobs. Nearly half (49%) spend most of their income on food and drinks for their homes since many are highly involved in helping to support their families.
Taking advantage: Investing more in online when promoting a product that is a strong fit for this demographic, including gaming, acne medications, etc.

#3 Changing Classes
While Internet penetration was virtually unchanged between 2012 and 2013 for ABC+ and C Típico classes in Mexico, the D+ class showed a 7% increase in Internet penetration between 2012 and 2013.
In fact, while classes ABC+ are still the largest socioeconomic group among Mexican Internet users in terms of sheer numbers (17.4 million), D+ has become the largest group from a percentage standpoint: 36% of Mexican Internet users are from this socioeconomic class. In contrast, 27% are from classes ABC+, 19% are from Class C Típico and 17% are from class D-.
Taking advantage: Brands should evaluate the fit between a their products and Class D+ and explore using online campaigns to target this segment if the fit is there.

#4 Make It Mobile
In 2012, only 34% of Mexicans reported using their cell phones to go online. But in 2013 more than 6 out of 10 Mexican Internet users (64%) said that they use cell phones to go online.
Taking advantage: Besides creating mobile-friendly landing pages and sites, adding a strong mobile component to all online ad campaigns in Mexico.

#5 More Time Online
One advantage in targeting Mexican Internet users is the huge amount of time they spend using the medium. According to World Internet Project, Mexican Internet users average 41 hours a week online, nearly 6 hours a day. In contrast, Mexican Internet users only spend 13 hours a week watching TV, 14 hours listening to the radio and 3 hours a week reading newspapers.
Taking advantage: Weighing ad investments targeting the Mexican online audience according to their clear preference for the Internet above all other media.

#6 Multitasking
The study results show more multiscreen use among Mexican Internet users than ever before. More than 4 of 10 (43%) always perform another activity while watching TV, and the two most popular activities are surfing the Internet with a cell phone and going on social media. Mexican Internet users also report going on social media as the #1 activity they engage in while using their cell phones or listening the radio.
Taking advantage: Explore Shazam’s advertising solutions because they integrate TV, social media and mobile.

#7 Social Media Rules
Not surprisingly, the study shows how social media have become the prime reason that Mexicans go online, following a similar pattern that exists in the United States, Europe and the rest of Latin America. Except for using the Internet to make or receive phone calls, other online activities that were once popular have gone down in popularity, including checking email, instant messaging and chatting in forums. In addition, 45% of Mexican Internet users follow a brand on social media and the most popular reason for doing this is to get discounts.
Taking advantage: Brands can try tests with Facebook retargeting to take advantage of the dominance of this social site, as well as ad campaigns using sponsored posts and other options.

To find out more about how we can help you take advantage of these developments in Mexico’s Internet audience via our range of targeted solutions, please contact us.


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6 Ways to Reach Brazilians through Social TV

A number of new studies have documented how more and more Brazilians are engaging in Social TV, watching TV while online and using social media to discuss shows and interact. One study from Google Brasil indicated that as many as 30 million Brazilians are using 3 screens at once—TV, smartphone and laptop/tablet—every day.
Recently eCGlobal Solutions and eCMetrics conducted an in-depth study of more than 2,000 Brazilians to understand how they use Social TV. Based on these results, here are 6 ways that professionals in media, marketing and advertising can engage Social TV users in Brazil.

#1 Sync Social Spots with TV Habits
Overall, 86% of Brazilians say they like to comment on what they’re watching on TV. And increasingly they are doing it on social media: 53% of Brazilians aged 18-24 use social media to comment on programs while watching TV. While it may be expected that younger Brazilians would tend to do this more, eCGlobal’s study shows that significant amounts of Brazilians in other age groups engage in social media commentary while watching TV: 49% of those aged 25-35, 49% of those aged 36-45 and 45% of those aged 45-60.
These numbers suggest that advertisers can try sponsored posts related to popular Brazilian TV shows while the shows air, for example, and reach people commenting about the shows. Another option would be coordinating TV spots and social spots that run at the same time so as to increase engagement to drive consumers to action.

#2 Reality Shows Offer the Most Engagement
While reality shows were not among the types of shows most favored by Brazilian Internet users, they do produce the most engagement. In other words, Brazilian Internet users pay the most attention to social media comments about reality shows. In fact, 94% of them engage with social media comments about reality shows. The other types of shows that produce high social media engagement with Brazilian Internet users are game shows (92%), variety shows with audience participation, known as auditórios (91%), shows geared towards women (91%), shows about fashion (91%), soap operas (89%), kids shows (89%), comedy shows (89%) and cooking shows (89%).
Clearly, this suggests brands that invest in TV advertising for these types of shows need to explore native advertising related to the show like sponsored posts or other options to take advantage of this engagement.

#3 Explore the Potential of Shazam
Shazam is a popular app that allows users to point their smartphones at their TV screens and get information about shows and other content. When eCGlobal asked Brazilian Internet users which activities they do on their second screen while watching TV, the two most popular activities were going on social media and getting information about shows. Since Shazam integrates advertising opportunities with the program information it serves up, it could offer advertisers a way to take advantage of this consumer behavior. Also important to note is that searching for products advertised on TV shows the third most popular activity for Brazilians who use the second screen while watching TV, further supporting the value of ad solutions like Shazam. Finally, the study found that more than 70% of Brazilian Internet users want easier access to information about products advertised on TV shows, yet another advantage of Shazam.

#4 Explore the Options on Facebook
According to the study results, 93% of Brazilian Internet users who comment about TV shows on social media do so on Facebook. Only 28% use Twitter and even fewer (11%) use Google Plus. For those looking to experiment with in-app ads, it’s interesting to note that 8% of Brazilian Internet users comment on shows using Whatsapp.

#5 Hashtags May Help—Somewhat
The study indicates that 62% of Brazilian Internet users who comment on TV shows via Twitter use hashtags, compared to just 32% of those who use Facebook to comment. This is probably because Facebook didn’t enable hashtags until the summer of 2013, so these numbers may change. Game shows are the most popular program type for Brazilians who comment with hashtags (52%), though viewers of reality shows and fashion shows also use them—but to a lesser degree.

#6 Segment by Device
The study results indicate that 60% of Brazilians who comment on TV shows via social media do this with a notebook. Smartphones are used by 34% and tablets by 18%.

To find out more how we can help you reach Brazilians who use Social TV via Shazam or other options, please contact us.