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Ask.fm Surpasses Orkut to Become the #3 Social Site in Brazil

Back in December 2012, we wrote about the rise of ask.fm in Brazil and Latin America while noting the other social sites that had lost traffic in the region. However, new data from credit firm Serasa Experian now shows that ask.fm is the #3 social site in Brazil. This ranking is based on the percentage of visits to social sites as opposed to unique visitors or overall reach. So for example, Facebook receives 68% of the visits made to social sites by Brazilians each month. Ask.fm only receives 1.86% but that’s enough for it to rank #3 behind YouTube, which receives 16.7% of the visits to social sites in Brazil, and ahead of sites like Twitter, Orkut, Badoo and Google+. Here are the rankings from Serasa Experian, listing each site and the percentage of total social media visits it receives in the Brazilian market:

  1. Facebook (68%)
  2. YouTube (16.7%)
  3. Ask.fm (1.86%)
  4. Twitter (1.75%)
  5. Orkut (1.73%)
  6. Yahoo! Respostas Brasil (1.55%)
  7. Badoo (1.08%)
  8. Bate papo UOL (.082%)
  9. Google+ (.74%)
  10. Instagram (.48%)

Comparing ComScore Figures
It’s important to note that the figures from comScore for May 2013 show a different social media landscape for Brazil. When you look at the category of social networks in Brazil for May 2013, Facebook is still #1—attracting 29 million unique users, offering 91% reach and with 53 million minutes spent on it throughout the month. However, comScore ranks ask.fm as the #6 social network in Brazil, behind LinkedIn (#2), Orkut (#2), Twitter (#4) and Tumblr (#5). And while just a couple of years ago in Brazil the battle was between Facebook and Orkut, nowadays professional social site LinkedIn has slightly more uniques and slightly deeper reach than Orkut, which of course was the dominant social site in Brazil for years.

While Ask.fm may not have as high a ranking per comScore, its growth has been staggering: 79,000% growth in unique visitors since May 2012. In comparison, Twitter has only grown by a modest 20% in the past year in Brazil, outpaced by Tumblr’s 132% growth. Also worth noting is that Tumblr registered 10.2 million unique visitors in May 2013 in Brazil, not far behind Twitter’s 13.8 million. Here’s a look at the top 10 social networks in Brazil as ranked by comScore for May 2013, listing total unique visitors for the month and percentage growth since May 2012:

  1. Facebook, 63 million (2.9%)
  2. LinkedIn, 14.4 million (114.9%)
  3. Orkut, 14.2 million (11%)
  4. Twitter, 13.8 million (20%)
  5. Tumblr, 10.2 million (132.9%)
  6. Ask.fm, 9.8 million (79,000%)
  7. XPG, 7.3 million (-27.6%)
  8. Scribd, 5.4 million (24.7%)
  9. Badoo, 3.6 million (69%)
  10. Yahoo! Profile, 2.8 million (402%)

So is Ask.fm really the #3 social site in Brazil? While the Serasa Experian data is compelling, comScore’s visitor data seems to be a more decisive factor. That said, comScore’s Brazil Digital Future in Focus report—using data from December 2012—indicated that Brazilians spend 92.8% of their time on social sites on Facebook. Guess which social site was #2 in terms of percentage of time spent? Ask.fm, with 2.1%, more than Orkut (1.6%), Tumblr (1%) or Twitter (.08%).

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