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US Media Consulting Launches New Web Site

In early July the new US Media Consulting Web site debuted after many months of work. We created the new site for a number of reasons. First, we wanted to explain our capabilities more fully. Secondly, we wanted to showcase what we can offer to help companies reach Brazil, Latin America, U.S. Hispanics and other media markets, such as the United States and Europe. And finally, we  wanted to provide resources to help our colleagues and clients stay current with the latest trends in media and advertising plus benefit from the practical knowledge we gain from helping clients get the maximum ROI with their campaigns. Here’s a quick guide to some of the main portions of the new site.

Media Solutions
This section of our site covers our core capabilities for clients. For clients who need to reach Brazil, Latin America or other markets, our media partners are one option. Over the years we’ve built relationships with more than 3,500 media outlets of all types, allowing us to obtain competitive pricing, quick launches and smooth execution for clients.

In addition, the media we represent offer strong value for clients trying to reach important segments, such as financial professionals, business executives, technology buffs, travelers, health-conscious women, music lovers, the Brazil online audience, gamers and more. To that end, we discuss those represented media brands, including Wall Street Journal, iG, Grupo Medios, Bloomberg, last.fm, Clickhoteles and more.

We also cover our proprietary media, including Jumba Display Network, Jumba Mobile Network and Jumba Video Network. These are ad networks we’ve created that allow for precise segmentation that reaches millions of Internet users in Latin America while also connecting brands with Latam’s growing mobile market and huge online video audience.

Finally, this section explains how our media outsourcing works to help public relations, interactive, creative and other types of agencies enhance the value they offer their clients by leveraging our expertise in implementing media campaigns.

Services/Media Channels
These particular sections highlight how we create powerful value for the three main types of clients we serve: agencies, advertisers and media owners. They also discuss the types of media our range of media specialists handle, including Web, print, TV, radio, out of home and mobile.

As part of our work here at US Media Consulting, we constantly review studies to stay on top of the latest trends. To help our clients and colleagues, we put together a vast array of the studies we find ourselves reviewing. Users will find that the Resources section, like the rest of the site, offers the information in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Here you will find summaries of the latest studies covering Latin America in terms of Internet, mobile, print, e-commerce, TV, social media, media penetration, consumer buying habits, smartphones and more, all organized by both topic and country. So if you’re interested in knowing about social media in Chile, pulling up Chile in the Categories window will bring up the studies we’ve collected. Whenever possible, we include links so you can download the studies in pdf form.  Our team will be constantly updating the site with new research in English, Spanish and Portuguese, so you may want to check back regularly as we add fresh content in existing areas and for new topics.

Beyond the research done in the industry, we’re also beginning to compile case studies, which reflect the work our team does every day. We’ll be expanding this section very soon and our goal is to share our experience in terms of what is working with clients and colleagues to benefit them.

We hope that the new Web site is useful for you and we encourage you to explore it and share any feedback you may have. And if you need help in reaching Brazil, Latin America or U.S. Hispanics via a strategic campaign across all media, please contact us.

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