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Latin America’s Mobile Market in 2015 and Beyond

While the saying “forewarned is forearmed” originally applied in a military context, it’s clear that marketers and media professionals also have to look towards future projections to make sure their tactics are in step with the market. That’s why we decided to break down some key projections from GSMA in terms of the Latin American mobile market.

>>> Overall Mobile connections in Latin America
Now: 700 million
2020: 890 million

>>>Unique Mobile Subscribers in Latin America
Now: 328 million
2020: 390 million

>>>Smartphone Connections in Latin America
Now: 154 million
2020: 605 million

Smartphone Adoption Rate in Select Latin American Markets

Now: 45%
2020: 73%

Now: 31.9%
2020: 72%

Now: 32.4%
2020: 72.2%

Now: 26%
2020: 69%

Now: 17.9%
2020: 61.9%

Now: 17.2%
2020: 57.4%

**For comparison purposes, the current smartphone penetration in the United States is 71%.

Mobile Internet Subscriber Penetration in Latin America
Now: 33%
2020: 48%

M2M (machine to machine) Connections in Latin America**
Now: 17 million
2020: 66.2 million

**M2M refers to technologies that allow communication between devices of the same type whether they are wireless or wired and is an integral part of the Internet of things, the interconnection of embedded computing devices within the existing Internet infrastructure. One big use in Brazil for the Internet of Things are devices in cars for tracking and security.

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