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The Impact of OOH in Colombia

A new study from GroupM and MindMetriks Colombia looks at how consumers respond to out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Researchers surveyed people in Bogotá who were exposed to different OOH ads in a variety of settings, including bus stops and on public transportation vehicles.
Among the study’s key findings:

• Brands had less than a second to impact an audience: .85 second, to be exact
• Most people (84%) saw at least one OOH ad in an average 20-minute trip
• On average, each person observed 1-3 OOH ads during their commute
• People recalled 60% of the brands whose ads they spotted during their commute and they were 76% accurate in their recall about these brands
• Certain product categories had more impact by gender: cars and liquor presented better indicators among men while financial and beauty products performed better with women

To find out how more about we can leverage the power of OOH for you in Colombia or throughout Latin America, please contact us at info@usmediaconsulting.com.

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