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Speaking Up and Stepping Out

Recently, we at US Media Consulting have been invited to speak at a number of events focused on marketing, media and advertising in Latin America.

Back on June 27, Ignacio Roizman—our Chief Operations Officer—spoke at Red Innova in Buenos Aires about programmatic buying. Here is the the video of his presentation and you can also see the presentation slides on Slideshare.

On August 22 at Ecommerce CO, Chief Revenue Officer Bruno Almeida will be speaking about a new advertising strategy taking root in Latin America: retargeting with Facebook Exchange.

And on August 28 at IAB Now in Buenos Aires, Magdalena Prat Gay, our Product Development Manager, will be part of a panel discussion that will cover demand-side platforms (DSP) and real-time bidding (RTB).

Speaking of RTB, US Media Consulting recently had the distinction of being the only Latin American company listed in the ecosystem of RTBKit, an open-source software framework for creating RTB systems.  This distinction happened because of our work in creating Media Desk, a new self-service online media buying platform for Latin America, and RTBKit’s leading-edge technology will be instrumental in delivering superb transactional functionality for Media Desk users.  As we expand Media Desk and explore more innovative ways to leverage technology to benefit marketers, advertisers and media firms, we’ll be looking to share our learnings with our colleagues via more blog posts, studies and speaking opportunities.

In fact, if you need a speaker for an event you’re involved in, here’s a quick look at some of our areas of expertise:

Please contact us if you’re interested in exploring speaking opportunites with us or want to learn more about our services.