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New study: Women are Key to Reaching Brazil’s Class C

Attracting women seems to be crucial in reaching Brazil’s emerging class C. According to a new study called “As poderosas da nova classe média brasileira” conducted by research firm Data Popular and Abril Media, class C women are the key decision makers when it comes to purchases. Here’s a rundown of the key results.

Who’s in Charge?
• 82% of class C men say their wives manage the household budget
• 77% of class C men say their wives make most of the spending decisions, including what kind of underwear they use
• Out of every 100 reales in household income for class C, 41 of them (roughly 400 million reales) are from the woman’s work—hence her strong influence on what to buy

In fact, class C women bring in nearly half (47%) of the total income earned by all women in the country, compared to 22% from class A and 20% from class B.

What Women Want
Brazilian Class C women showed some interesting preferences in the study that both advertisers and media agencies should note. We organized them by relevant product category for quicker reference.

  • Beauty: 70% believe that beauty care increases the chances of success in life—and they spent 19 million reales on beauty products in 2010, an increase of 228% from 2002
  • Cars: 64.8% care most about engine power when it comes to cars and 44% finance their cars
  • Cell phones: 50% plan on buying a new cell phone in the next year
  • Computers: 66% have taken or are taking a computer course and 46% want to buy a notebook computer in the next year
  • Language classes: 38% want to take an English class
  • Perfumes: 56% of imported perfumes are bought by this segment
  • Pharmaceutical products: 56% of them purchase their household’s pharmaceutical products and 37.6% prefer generic brands to name brands
  • Real estate: 31% want to buy a new home in the next 2 years
  • Social media: 68.9% are on social media networks
  • Travel: 72% will travel in the next 12 months and 62% traveled in 2010, compared to 54% of class C men, and 48% of them prefer using travel agencies
  • Weight loss products: 39% want to lose weight

Brand Opportunities
When it comes to brands, class C women in Brazil already have favorite brands in areas like food, personal care, clothes, makeup, perfume and mobile carriers. However, they are still selecting their favorite brands in the following areas:

  • Banks
  • Cable TV
  • Cars
  • Clothing
  • Furniture/Decor
  • Shoes
  • Electronics

Go here to review more study results.

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