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7 Hot New Social Media Trends in Argentina

Some new studies from have looked social media use in Argentina. The research revealed a number of key points to factor in when planning a digital campaign targeting this large online market.

#1 Heavy Use
Argentina is #3 in the world in terms of hours spent social media every month and in fact, for every 8 minutes that Argentines spend on the Internet, 3.5 of those minutes are spent on social media*

#2 Massive Growth
The amount of social media users in Argentina grew by 73% between 2010 and 2013**

#3 Access Via Cell Phones
A survey of Argentine cell phone owners showed that 77% said they used their phones to go on social media. In fact, checking social media was more popular than using apps (74%), navigating the web (69%), checking email (66%) and instant messaging (57%). Only SMS was a more popular use for cell phones among Argentines. ***

#4 Virtually Identical Audience
In some markets, social media users have different demographic characteristics than the average Internet users. In Argentina, virtually the same demographic groups that go online also visit social media sites:*

#5 6 out of 10 Argentine Companies on Social Media
In 2010 only 25% of companies in Argentina had a social media presence. But now 64% of Argentine companies are on social media. Facebook is the most popular platform with Argentine companies, with 48% of them having a page, while 40% have Twitter accounts, 32% share content on YouTube and 20% have corporate blogs.****

#6 Younger Audiences Put in More Time
Argentines between 15 and 34 take up 65% of the country’s total time spent on social media, suggesting that a younger user is a lot more likely to see social media ads or posts than an older user.*

#7 Facebook Rules But Other Sites Are Growing
While Facebook is by far the #1 social media site in Argentina (89% penetration), other brands have grown significantly over the past year. Here’s a quick a look at the social networks that have grown the most in Argentina since 2012:*

  • Ask.fm (770%)
  • Pinterest (270%)
  • LinkedIn (236%)
  • Tumblr (98%)
  • Scribd (88%)
  • Yahoo (26%)

More established sites had more modest growth rates in 2012, including Facebook (16%) and Twitter (13%).*

*Source: comScore & Brandemia

**Source: Datos Claros

***Source: BGH Market Research

****Source: Burson Marstellar

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