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Rebranding with Balance

While rebooting a brand can garner new customers and revenue streams, it’s also risky. One key risk is losing the core audience that powered the brand in the first place. However, with a balanced approach, you can rebrand while retaining your base. Here’s how we helped a client do exactly that.

Becoming Brand-New
The client’s telecommunications product was a strong seller throughout Latin America, but its appeal tended to heavily skew male. So the client rebranded to show how the product was also a fine fit for women and families. This involved new creative that emphasized the fit, including a fresh logo and a strong slogan. The challenge was ensuring the appeal to the men who were already faithful customers.

Aligning Audience Appeal
To help the client retain its base while introducing its fresh positioning, we helped them create a campaign with Bloomberg TV, which we exclusively represent in Latin America. With an audience of 10 million in Latin America, Bloomberg TV allowed the client to reach key decision makers and influencers, most of which were male.
However, the existing creative focused on the new audiences the client wished to reach—not the core male customer base. After considering several options, we realized that the appeal of Bloomberg TV hinges significantly on the stock market data that launched the Bloomberg brand in the first place. As such, we worked with the client to create a spot that integrated part of the new creative while tying it to a stock market databoard reflecting top stocks—in real time—for each Latin American market the spot would run in.
Ultimately, the spot showcased the connection between the client’s brand and Bloomberg while also integrating the new markets the brand was trying to reach. The end result was balance: the client rebranded successfully while reaching the elite male audience of C-suite decision makers that watch Bloomberg TV.

To find out how we can help you leverage the power of Bloomberg TV’s exclusive audience in Latin America, contact us at info@usmediaconsulting.com.

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Reaching Latam—the Hottest Retail Market in the World

Nine Latin American countries are among the top 30 emerging countries for retail development, according to a report by consulting firm A.T. Kearney. As an emerging retail region, Latin America far outstrips any other, even Asia and the Middle East.

Brazil is the number one emerging retail market, followed by Uruguay (#2) and Chile (#3), with Peru coming in at #8. Mexico is #22, Colombia is #24, Argentina is #25, Panama is #27 and Dominican Republic is #28.

What’s behind the high rankings? Booming Latam economies and dedicated shoppers. For advertisers and marketers, this report further confirms that now is the best time to reach out to this market.

Considering the boom in Latin American media, there are multiple options for taking advantage of the region’s hot retail market.

Online. A recent study by Microsoft Advertising indicates that 71% of Latin Americans go online to research before buying. Besides information, they want savings. That’s why Groupon has exploded in popularity in Argentina, for example.
>How we can help: An online campaign on high-traffic Web sites customized to the demographic you’re after. We can set this up for the whole region or for specific countries. Either way, our longtime relationships will get you great CPMs.

Print. Newspapers and magazines are expanding their reach in Latin America. In 2010, circulation spiked 5% overall for Latam newspapers. Brazilian newspapers have enjoyed a 4% increase in circulation so far in 2011, while Brazilian magazine circulation went up 7% in 2010.
In addition, Latin American newspaper sites draw big traffic. For example, according to comScore, Colombian newspapers El Tiempo and El Espectador rank #7 and #20 among the country’s most popular sites. In Argentina, Clarín is #5 in amount of unique visitors per month and La Nación is #10.
>How we can help: Our close relationships with all the major newspapers in Latam stretch back nearly a decade. We can easily set up a combination print/online campaign to allow you to reach the readers of these popular newspapers with both media. Or we can conduct a print-only campaign—again, our relationships can get you superb pricing, a variety of  formats and premium positions

TV. Latin America’s  traditional leader in ad spend remains firmly in place. However, going beyond free TV to pay TV allows you to reach the more affluent customers that are powering this retail surge. And pay TV is exploding in the region. Currently there are 42 million subscribers, but by 2015 half the homes in Latin America will have pay TV.  
>How we can help: Our relationships with major networks like Televisa, Globosat  and Bloomberg TV will deliver competitive pricing to match their impressive reach.

To learn more about how we can help you reach Latin America’s booming retail market, contact us at info@usmediaconsulting.com.

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