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The Hottest Social Media Sites in Latin America

Recent research from comScore shows some major changes on the social media landscape in Latin America. Between November 2011 and November 2012, the increase in unique visitors to social media sites was relatively small, just 2%. However, there were crucial shifts in terms of the popularity of sites. Here’s a look at the hottest social media sites in Latin America.

#1 Ask.fm
Why did we rank it #1? It’s not the site with the most users: Facebook still rules social media in Latin America, without question. That said, this site, in which users interact with each other by asking and answering questions, has grown massively in Latin America, more than any other social site—by 5,000%. The site had 247,000 uniques in November 2011 in Latin America, and one year later reached nearly 13 million monthly uniques.

#2 Pinterest
While this site does not rank among the top 10 social sites in large Latam markets like Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, overall Pinterest has grown by 2,500% in Latin America: from 77,000 unique users in November 2011 to 2 million unique visitors in November 2012.

#3 Scribd
The document-sharing site has grown by 97% in Latin America since November 2011, boasting 6.6 million unique monthly visitors one year later.

#4 Tumblr
This blog social site ranks among the top 10 social media sites in many Latam countries and overall has grown by 86% in the past year to reach nearly 12 million unique visitors a month.

#5 Weheartit
This site is similar to Pinterest that allows users to store and share images that they like with other users. It’s grown by 43% in Latin America in the past year or so to reach nearly 3 million unique monthly visitors.

Other Significant Data Points about Social Sites in Latam

  • Facebook grew by 7% in Latin America between November 2011 and November 2012
  • As we indicated, Facebook is by far the biggest social media site in Latam, with 125 million unique visitors in November 2012—LinkedIn was #2, with 35 million
  • Orkut has dropped by 62% in Latin America and had 12.9 million unique users in November 2012
  • Deviantart.com, which is among the top 10 social sites in many individual markets in Latin America, grew by 12% in the region between November 2011 and November 2012
  • Twitter posted 24 million unique visitors in Latin America in November 2012 (#3 in the region) but posted a drop of 12% in uniques since November 2011
  • Despite ranking among the top 10 social sites in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia in November 2012, overall Badoo has dropped by 46% in unique monthly visitors since November 2011
  • Two sites whose November 2011 numbers were listed as N/A by comScore now have 2.5 million unique monthly users each in Latin America: Ning and MeetMe Media
  • A number of formerly popular social media sites in the region posted significant drops in the period cited by comScore, including Vostu (down by 68%), Sonico (down by 63%), Hi5 (down by 49%) and Myspace (down by 26%)

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