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Brazil’s Mobile Ad Spend is Set to Spike

In Brazil, as smartphone penetration deepens, tablet sales keep growing and social TV becomes more popular, advertisers are investing more in mobile. In 2012 they spent US$24.6 million on mobile ads in Brazil, around 1.2% of Brazil’s digital ad spending. However, by 2016 eMarketer projects that mobile’s share of online ad spend in Brazil will reach 4.9% by 2016 and total US$198 million.

But increasing mobile ad spend isn’t justified solely by device adoption—mobile is transforming the way that Brazilian Internet users go online and how they consume content.

Here some examples of how.

In May 2012, Google’s Our Mobile Planet study showed that 80% of Brazilian smartphone owners say that they research products with their phones before buying them. In an article in O Globo, Google’s Director of Mobile Platform Content, Peter Fernandez, was quoted as saying that more than 10% of the online searches in Brazil are done via mobile phones. Beyond researching products, Brazilians also use their phones to find their way around: an Ericcson ConsumerLab study showed that using maps to navigate was the #2 activity that Brazilian smartphone owners engage in with their phones.

Watching TV and Movies
The Ericcson study listed watching TV shows and movies online as top activities for Brazilian smartphone users.

Social Media
A recent study by Nielsen showed that 4 out of 10 Brazilian internautas use mobile phones or tablets to access social networks. In addition, the same study showed that 56% of Brazilians report watching TV while using social media.

In addition, Brazilian mobile Internet users are using their mobile phones to shop online in record-breaking numbers. In fact, the latest projection from the Câmara Brasileira de Comércio Eletrônico (camara-e.net) is that mobile shopping in Brazil will increase by 657% in 2013 to reach a total of more than R$ 2 billion (US$1 billion). According to camara e-net, in 2012 online sales in Brazil via tablets and smartphones rose to 10%, double the percentage in 2011. More than half of the mobile sales took place with iPads (51%), while 20% of the sales happened with iPhones. In addition, Roni Cunha Bueno, marketing director of online retailer Netshoes, recently indicated that mobile accounted for 4% of the company’s sales in 2012 and will account for 10% of sales in 2013.

To explore how we can help you reach Brazil’s mobile market, please contact us.

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Millions of Brazilians Use the Internet to Plan Travel

More than ever before, Brazilians are using the Internet to plan and book their travel. Recent research from comScore’s Media Metrix Service shows that 16.5 million Brazilians visited travel sites in July 2012. This is an 18% increase compared to 2011. Here’s a look at the top 10 travel sites that Brazilian Internet users are visiting, organized by amount of unique visitors during July 2012:

  1. Hotelurbano.com.br                       3.1 million
  2. Decolar.com                                     2.3 million
  3. TAM.com.br                                     2.2 million
  4. Voegol.com.br                                 1.9 million
  5. Submarinoviagens.com.nr            1.6 million
  6. Mundi.com.br                                  1.1 million
  7. Viajanet.com.br                              1.1 million
  8. Booking.com                                   1 million
  9. CVC.com.br                                     823,000
  10. Tripadvisor.com.br                        780,000

Who These Brazilian Travelers Are
Visitors to Brazilian travel sites are 50.6% male and 49.4% female. However, 1 in 3 visitors to Brazilian travel sites are between 25 and 34, making this the largest age group. Overall, the visitors tend to be younger: 73% are between 15 and 44.

In terms of geotargeting a campaign, Sao Paulo would be a good choice: 32% of visitors to Brazilian travel sites are from that city. Around 13% of the visitors are from Rio, 7.3% are from Minas de Gerais and Paraná, 6% are from Rio Grande do Sul and 4.5% are from Catarina.

Where They Are Going
While comScore didn’t report on popular destinations for Brazilian travelers, other sources have. The United States Commerce department projects that 1.5 million Brazilians will visit the United States during 2012 and that amount will increase to 2.5 million by 2016. In 2011, Brazil sent more tourists to Argentina than any other country. In terms of specific cities that Brazilian travelers visit, a study from Hotel Price Index showed that Orlando is #1, New York is #2 and Buenos Aires is #4. Also in the top 10 were Miami, Las Vegas and Paris.

To find out how we can help you reach Brazil, Latin America or U.S. Hispanics via a strategic campaign across all media, please contact us.

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Understanding Brazilian Smartphone Users

As smartphone adoption surges in Brazil, it’s crucial for marketers, advertisers and media professionals to understand how consumers are using these devices. Here’s a look at some key factors that may influence the direction of your next mobile campaign in Brazil.

IBOPE Nielsen Online estimates that 13% of Brazilians—25 million people—have smartphones. This figure is in line with the 14% smartphone penetration in Brazil that was reported by Google in the Our Mobile Planet study.

Going Online
According to IBOPE, 5.2 million Brazilians use their smartphones to go online. Of this group, 84% do this while waiting in line to buy a product or receive a service, 59% of Brazilians access the Internet with their smartphones while riding in a car as a passenger and 58% do so while taking public transportation.

What Brazilian Smartphone Owners Do Online
According to the IBOPE Nielsen study, top activities include:

  • Checking email (87%)
  • Visiting social sites (77%)
  • Listening to music (40%)
  • Watching videos (29%)
  • Playing games (25%)

More Popular Online Activities
Ericsson ConsumerLab recently finished a survey of smartphone owners in 3 countries that they refer to as “high-growth” markets when it comes to smartphones: Brazil, Russia and India. According to Ericsson, 40% of smartphone owners in Brazil already use the devices to access the Internet and 33% use their phones to go on social media every day.
In this survey, new smartphone owners listed their 5 top activities once they bought their devices:

  1. Use the smartphone to check into locations
  2. Use maps to navigate
  3. Watch Internet TV
  4. Watch movies
  5. Play online games

In addition, half of the Brazilian smartphone owners indicate that they spend 50% or more of their total Internet time on their smartphones. This is quite comparable to more mature smartphone markets in which users spend 53% of their total Internet time on their smartphones.

Differences Between Genders
According to the Ericsson study, male and female Brazilian smartphone owners use their devices differently:

  • 36% of male Brazilian smartphone owners use their devices to play games, while only 16% of women do so
  • Brazilian men who own smartphones download apps twice as frequently as Brazilian female smartphone owners
  • Male smartphone owners in Brazil are also more likely than women to watch TV, videos and listen to music with their devices

In addition, while both Brazilian smartphone owners of both genders use their smartphones to go on social networks, their usage habits are different. Brazilian women who own smartphones are more likely to go on social sites with their devices early in the morning, during lunch and before going to sleep. Brazilian men who own smartphones use their devices to check social sites while on the way to work, in the afternoon and late in the day.

Use of Apps by Brazilians
The Ericsson study suggests a modest use of apps by Brazilians. According to their results, respondents don’t use more than 5 apps on a weekly basis and 50% download apps on PCs to save on data limits. However, other studies suggest that app use is growing significantly. For example, Aorta, an app developer in Brazil, recently indicated that app downloads in the country grew by 230% in 2011, from 9 billion to 30 billion. In addition, Distimo, an app market research firm, reported the following about Brazil’s app market:

  • 18% of the apps downloaded in Brazil are social apps—only one country downloads a higher percentage of social apps: the United States (20%)
  • Facebook is the #1 app most downloaded by Brazilians
  • Brazil is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world when it comes to revenue for Apple’s app store: revenues grew by 83% in 2011

To explore how we can help you reach Brazilian smartphone owners via Jumba Mobile Network, please contact us.

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