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8 key points about e-commerce in Chile

8 Insights about E-Commerce in Chile

Recent data indicates that e-commerce is growing significantly in Chile, up 20% in 2012 to reach US$1.5 billion in sales. But for marketers, advertisers and media professionals, it’s important to understand the behavior of e-commerce shoppers in Chile so as to refine online ad campaigns.

A recent study from UM Chile entitled E-commerce 2012 may help with this. It reveals a number of key data points about e-commerce in Chile:

Favorite Products of E-Commerce Shoppers in Chile

  1. Electronics
  2. Tickets to concerts and events
  3. Plane tickets

Most Popular E-commerce Sites in Chile

  1. Lan.com
  2. Falabella
  3. Mercado Libre

They Prefer Window Shopping Online

  • 88% of Chilean e-commerce shoppers go online to compare prices before buying
  • 11% of Chileans research product prices on social media

Coupon Sites Are Popular

  • 62% of Chilean Internet users are registered on a coupon site
  • Groupon is the most popular online coupon site in Chile, with 92% of those who are registered on coupon sites
  • Other significant coupon sites in Chile include Cuponatic (52% of Chilean coupon users are registered here), Let’s Bonus (51%) and Argupémonos (43%)
  • For Chileans, the favorite products to buy with online coupons are food, beauty products and technology products

Good Penetration
84% of Chilean Internet users have engaged in e-commerce while only 16% have never made an online purchase

Increasing Frequency
69% of Chile’s e-commerce shoppers made between 2 to 6 online purchases in 2012

More Time Spent as Shoppers

  • 77% of online shoppers in Chile have been buying products via the Internet for more than  2 years and 17% have been doing this for 6 or more years
  • Only 13% of Chilean Internet users were first-time online shoppers in 2012

M-commerce Still for a Minority

  • In 2012 only 3% of Chileans used mobile devices for e-commerce
  • 70% of Chileans used a laptop or a personal computer to shop online

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