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A native of Brazil, Fabiano is the Ad Sales manager for the Offline Department of US Media Consulting, specializing in out-of-home (OOH) media.

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The Hottest Pay TV Markets in Latin America

Argentina is the top pay TV market in Latin America in terms of penetration, followed by Venezuela and Puerto Rico. Business Bureau—a leading firm specialized in consulting, research and marketing intelligence for pay TV and multiplatforms—recently reported on its market estimates for Latin America. Here’s a look at individual Latam markets in terms of pay TV penetration, which is calculated by dividing subscribers by the total amount of homes in each country.

Argentina                                84.5%

Venezuela                               70.3%

Puerto Rico                             63%

Uruguay                                   62.1%

Colombia                                 61.2%

Chile                                         61%

Honduras                                 58.8%

Mexico                                      56.7%

Brazil                                        42.7%

Ecuador                                    38.9%

Peru                                          33.5%

Market Sizes
Not surprisingly, Brazil is the largest pay TV market in Latin America—Business Bureau reports that it has more than 26 million subscribers. Here’s a breakdown of the top pay TV markets in Latin America in terms of the total amount of subscribers:

Brazil                                       26.2 million

Mexico                                     17.1 million

Argentina                                11 million

Colombia                                 7.98 million

Venezuela                               5.4 million

Chile                                        3.2 million

Peru                                        2.6 million

Ecuador                                   1.6 million

Honduras                                950,873

Puerto Rico                             873,595

Uruguay                                   753,787

Overall, Business Bureau indicates that there are 77.7 million pay TV subscribers in Latin America and that overall penetration is at 53%.

Cable vs. Satellite
The type of subscription varies by market, with cable having a stronger market share in some and satellite dominating in others. Here’s a quick look by market (click on the image to enlarge it):

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To find out more how we can help your agency increase its efficiencies via media services and new technology developed for the Latam market, please contact us.

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Why Advertising Is the #1 Information Source in Brazil

The Internet is taking over everything, right?

That’s what a number of studies have led us to believe. We’ve seen research that shows that Brazilians research certain products online before buying them or check prices for products by using their smartphones while still in the store.

This may be true, but some recent research shows that traditional advertising is still quite strong in Brazil.

In fact, in Brazil traditional advertising is the #1 way for people to obtain product information.

These results come from a survey done in 2013 by Jack Morton Worldwide, a branding agency that is part of Interpublic Group. The company surveyed more than 3,000 consumers in Brazil, United States, United Kingdom, China, India and Russia.

One of the key questions that Jack Morton Worldwide asked consumers was, “How do you learn about brands?” It turns out that traditional advertising is the main way that Brazilians learn about brands, and it’s tied for first place with friends and family.

Another interesting finding from this study is the change in attitude towards liking brands on Facebook. In 2011, 19% of consumers in Brazil, the United States, India and China said that “friending” brands or pushing like buttons on social sites is silly. In 2013 more than 27% of consumers from these countries thought that friending or liking brands was silly. While likes may mean less for these consumers, the survey also showed that 43% of them are using social media sites for information about brands.

To find out more about how you can reach Brazilian consumers via a media campaign using traditional advertising or through a  precisely targeted campaign on Facebook, please contact us.



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Pay TV Keeps Growing Strongly in Latin America

A recent report from research firm Business Bureau indicates that at the end of 2013 pay TV reached nearly 79 million homes in Latin America. Here’s a quick look at the top markets and the gains in subscribers.

Deepest Penetration
These are the markets where pay TV has the best reach:

  • Argentina: 83%
  • Chile: 69%
  • Venezuela: 68%
  • Puerto Rico: 62%
  • Uruguay: 61%
  • Colombia: 60%
  • Peru: 60%
  • Honduras: 58%
  • Mexico: 53%
  • Brazil: 42%

Biggest Markets
Brazil, Mexico and Argentina remain the largest pay TV subscribers in the region. Here are the latest figures for each:

  • Brazil: At the end of February 2014, 18.2 million homes in Brazil subscribed to pay TV,  which translates into an audience of 60 million.
  • Mexico: In December 2013 Mexico had 14.7 million pay TV subscribers, which translates into an audience of about 58 million.
  • Argentina: In December 2013 Argentina had 9.8 million pay TV subscribers, which translates into an audience of about 30 million.

Latam’s Growth Markets in Pay TV
Here’s a look at some of the markets that are showing noteworthy gains in pay TV:

  • Ecuador had nearly 1 million pay TV subscribers at the end of 2013, growing by 45% last year
  • Chile reached 2.55 million pay TV subscribers in December 2013, which represents 18% growth since December 2012
  • Uruguay had 677,000 pay TV subscribers in September 2013 and is projected to reached 85% penetration and more than a million subscribers by 2017
  • Colombia’s pay TV market grew by 13% in 2013 to reach 7.75 million subscribers*

*This figure factors in underreporting and pirated service

To find out more how we can help you reach Latin American consumers via a campaign on pay TV or with any other type of media, please contact us.


Pay TV to Reach 100 Million Subscribers in Latin America in 5 Years

According to data analysis from Dataxis, there will be 98.32 million pay TV subscribers in the 7 biggest markets of Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela). In these markets, these figures will total to 68% penetration, nearly 4 times higher than what was registered in 2008 and up from the current 55% reported by LAMAC.

The Dataxis report indicates that the markets with the greatest growth possibilities are Brazil, Mexico and Peru. Currently Brazil has around 16.9 million pay TV subscribers, Mexico is expected to have 14.5 million by the end of 2013 and Peru has 2.4 million with 40% penetration expected by 2016.

To find out how we can help you reach Latin American consumers via media campaigns of all types, please contact us.


The Impact of OOH in Colombia

A new study from GroupM and MindMetriks Colombia looks at how consumers respond to out-of-home (OOH) advertising. Researchers surveyed people in Bogotá who were exposed to different OOH ads in a variety of settings, including bus stops and on public transportation vehicles.
Among the study’s key findings:

• Brands had less than a second to impact an audience: .85 second, to be exact
• Most people (84%) saw at least one OOH ad in an average 20-minute trip
• On average, each person observed 1-3 OOH ads during their commute
• People recalled 60% of the brands whose ads they spotted during their commute and they were 76% accurate in their recall about these brands
• Certain product categories had more impact by gender: cars and liquor presented better indicators among men while financial and beauty products performed better with women

To find out how more about we can leverage the power of OOH for you in Colombia or throughout Latin America, please contact us at

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Creative Saves with Brazilian OOH

Usually, our consulting work with firms centers on what type of media to use and how to use it. We almost never get involved with the creative. It’s usually not necessary. But recently we had to step in to help a client avoid some major creative missteps with an out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaign.

Save #1: The Setting
Originally, the client approached us to help pick a format and determine placement for some panels. The setting was to be beaches in the Rio de Janeiro area. However, the client wasn’t targeting all the right beaches in Rio, so we immediately made suggestions based on our expertise. Since I’m a native of Brazil—as are two of our media division heads and our VP of Ad Sales—we knew exactly where the panels should go for maximum impact.

Save #2: The Set-Up
In terms of the OOH ads themselves, the client wanted to combine panels in one area of the beach with an inflatable billboard in the water. A clever idea, but we quickly pointed out that Brazil’s laws would make it tough—if not impossible—to get permits for an inflatable billboard in a timely manner.  Instead, we suggested a plane with an aerial banner. Perfectly legal and great exposure as people looked up while sunning themselves or splashing around. For panel placement, we recommended backlight panels that would be placed on the back of newsstands. As it turns out, a number of newsstands in Brazil are located very close to major beaches. With this placement, most beachgoers would see the panels just as they were arriving. As such, our strategy would allow the ads to reach the audience upon arrival and then while enjoying the beach—with no legal obstacles.

Save #3: The Copy
When the creative for the banner arrived, we spotted a huge problem. The campaign concept was about unity between Brazil and another country. While the approach was playful, it also involved nudity and its message could be interpreted as offensive to Brazilian women. We knew instantly that this could lead to a backlash with the public—not to mention that the government could conceivably ban the ads because of their content. After discussions with the client, they agreed to go with an all-type aerial banner. With the client’s input, our team created the messaging. We managed to tie it into the overall campaign concept yet still work culturally for Brazilians. Our new copy stressed unity but in a broad sense that left no room for misinterpretation.

End Result
Our OOH campaign generated positive buzz in the media, drove response for the advertiser and the overall campaign even earned industry recognition, winning Gold awards in a number of ad competitions.

To learn more about how we can help you with your next OOH campaign, contact us at You can get the big picture on Brazil’s media market here and can learn more about why you should advertise in Brazil even without a local presence here.

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Using OOH to Spike Scent Sales in Latam Airports

Strategy and execution made all the difference for a recent OOH campaign by US Media Consulting for a luxury client focused on fragrances. End result? Unit sales shot up by 1.5 to 3 times in different markets.

The Goal
A luxury brand wanted to increase fragrance sales in airport duty-free stores in key markets.

A Strategic Solution
After thorough research of layouts for 17 international airports—including 8 in Latin America—US Media Consulting crafted a specific OOH media solution for the client. This involved strategically placed branding ads in the form of panels, backlights, wall wraps and dioramas. US Media Consulting used its local production partners to print and install the panels in arrival and departure areas as well as near duty-free stores and even on their walls. Target markets included:

  • Argentina (Buenos Aires airport)
  • Brazil (Rio and Sao Paulo airports)
  • Chile (Santiago airport)
  • Mexico (Mexico City and Cancun airports)
  • Panama (Panama City airport)
  • Uruguay (Punta Del Este airport)

The campaign also covered cities with major traffic to Latam, including Miami, New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver.

Rapid, Powerful Results
In just one month, the duty-free stores in these airports reported sales increases ranging from 200%  to well over 300%, with several of them selling out of the promoted fragrance brands. “The campaign speaks to the success of OOH advertising. But what’s truly important is the strategy behind it. In this case, we were able to advise the client where to position the ads for maximum impact, and that generated the traffic that spiked sales,” says Fabiano Bernardo, OOH Sales Manager for US Media Consulting.

Ultimate Impact
Possibly inspired by this successful OOH campaign, other luxury/premium clients are now working with US Media on strategic OOH solutions both in and outside of major airports.

To learn more about how we can help you with OOH campaigns, contact us at

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