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Video Streaming Gains Ground in Brazil

Ericsson recently released the results from its TV & Media 2014 study, based on quantitative interviews with 23,000 people in 23 countries, including Brazil and Mexico. The study offered some interesting results for Brazil that both online and offline media planners may want to consider.

>>>Streaming Nearly as Common as Regular TV
Overall, 75% of respondents said they watch streaming video several times a week while just a bit more (77%) said they watch traditional TV several times a week.

>>>Traditional TV Viewing Down in Brazil
Around 7 in 10 (73%) of Brazilians surveyed said that they watch traditional TV programming—an 8% drop compared to the 81% who viewed traditional TV programming in 2013.

>>>Nearly Half Want Personalized TV Service
Around 48% of Brazilians said that they would be willing to pay for personalized TV service that would recommend channels based on a user’s TV consumption habits.

>>>Smartphone Video Viewing is Up
Four out of 10 (40%) of Brazilians said that every day they watch videos produced by other people on their smartphones. In addition, Brazilians said they watch 1 hour and 46 minutes more video content on their smartphones than they did in 2012.

>>>Overall Mobile Video Viewing is Up
The study also found that users in Brazil, Mexico and Chile watch an average of 13 hours of video content with mobile devices: 8.2 hours via smartphones and 4.9 hours via tablets.

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