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The Top 10 Tech Trends among Brazilians in 2014

The latest studies give us a quick look at the changing technological habits in Brazil:

  1. In 2013 nearly half of Brazilian homes had computers—compared to just 12% in 2001
  2. The Brazilian online games market will reach more than US$1.5 billion in 2014
  3. More than 40 million Brazilians are multiscreen consumers: TV, PC and smartphones
  4. 62% of Brazilians say they send or receive intimate content (photos, videos, messages) via smartphone
  5. Internet consumption among young Brazilians grew by 50% between 2003 and 2013
  6. 35% of Brazilians plan to buy e-books in the next year
  7. A larger percentage of Brazilians (72%) use smartphones to go online than PCs (65%)
  8. Brazil is the world’s #2 market in terms of consumption of online videos
  9. Only 10% of Brazilians plan to buy a smart TV during the next 12 months
  10. 70 million Brazilians watch online videos and they spend 8 hours a week doing so 

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