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8 Key Stats about the Brazilian Mobile Market

Using numbers for expediency and speed, below we break down what’s happening with the mobile market in Brazil:

1.5 billion
The Brazilian apps market is worth US$1.5 billion and is #11 in the world.

This is how much tablet sales went up in Brazil during the first half of 2014.

In the second quarter of 2014 Brazilians bought 100 smartphones a minute. Smartphone sales in Brazil during Q2 2014 were 22% higher than in Q2 2013.

of Brazilians use WhatsApp, the most popular app in Brazil.

Brazilians spend 84 minutes every day using smartphones, 10 minutes more than the global average.

of Brazilians polled by Pagtel in June 2014 said they make purchases with a smartphone or tablet.

10 million
Projected sales of tablets in Brazil during 2014: 4.2 million were sold during the first half of the year.

of Brazilians prefer video as a mobile ad format, more than banners (12%), coupons (11%), text (6%), search (5%) or an ad displayed after in-app activity (5%)

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