What Brazilians are Buying in 2014

Besides understanding consumer behavior and the trends in consumer attitudes among Brazilians, it’s also helpful for agencies to see which products they are purchasing in greater quantities. So we took a look at recent sales figures and highlight important increases with key products.

1 books

While no figures are yet available for 2014, in 2013 book sales went up by more than 4% in Brazil. This is consistent with earlier growth trends, including a 3% sales increase in 2012 and 7% increase in 2011.
Source: Fundação de Pesquisas Econômicas

2 beer

During the first 3 months of the year, beer sales in Brazil went up by nearly 11%. The World Cup also helped boost beer sales, as Nielsen reported beer sales increasing by 11% during June 2014.
Sources: AB InBev, Nielsen

3 meds
Generic Medications
Compared to the first half of 2013, sales of generic medications in Brazil went up by more than 11% during the first half of 2014, with more than 416 million units sold. Revenues from generic drug sales in Brazil reached R$ 7.5 million in the first half of 2014, an increase of 18% compared to the same period in 2013.
Source: Associação Brasileira das Indústrias de Medicamentos Genéricos

4 printer

Printer sales went up by more than 8% in Brazil during the first quarter to reach more than 1 million units sold.
Source: IDC

5 shoes

Brazilians are projected to spend more than R$ 43 billion (US$19 billion) on shoes in 2014, a 7.6% increase compared to 2013. Classe C has the highest consumption potential among all socioeconomic classes in Brazil, with 43%, whereas Classe B is at 40%, Classe A is at 9% and Classes DE are at 8%.
Source: Pyxis Consumo 2014-IBOPE Inteligencia

6 scooter

During the first half of 2014 more than 20,000 scooters were sold in Brazil. This represents an increase of nearly 32% compared to the first half of 2013. So far in 2014, the Honda PCX 150 was the biggest seller among scooter models, with more than 9,600 units sold. This seems to be part of a longer trend, since scooter sales went up by more than 800% in Brazil between 2008 and 2013.
Source: Associação Brasileira dos Fabricantes de Motos


While smartphone fever seems to have cooled a bit in Brazil, there’s no question that the product enjoys healthy popularity. In the first half of 2014 smartphone sales in Brazil went up by 71% compared to the same period in 2013. Overall, between January and May 2014, more than 28 million cell phones were sold in Brazil—and 19.5 million of these were smartphones. Overall, it’s projected that nearly 65 million cell phones will be sold in Brazil in 2014 and that smartphone sales will reach nearly 47 million units. For comparison purposes, in 2013 more than 35 million smartphones were sold in Brazil.
Sources: IDC and Associação Brasileira da Indústria Elétrica e Eletrônica

7 brinquedo

Sales of toys in Brazil went up by 6% in the first half of 2014. Overall, it’s projected that toy sales in Brazil will grow by 12% in 2014.
Source: Associação Brasileira dos Fabricantes de Brinquedos

8 traveler

Brazilians spent US$12.5 billion dollars during foreign travel between January and June of 2014, more than the same period of 2013, in which they spent US$12.3 billion. In June 2014 Brazilians spent US$2 billion in foreign travel, the largest amount ever.
Source: Banco Central

9 tv
The excitement over the World Cup helped spike TV sales in Brazil by 60% from the second half of May 2014 until June. This comes after a 55% increase in TV sales in January 2014. Overall, it’s expected that Brazilian stores specializing in selling TVs will see an increase of more than 253 million euros in revenues this year.
Sources: GfK, Confederação Nacional de Bens, Serviços e Turismo

10 car
Used Cars

While sales of both new cars and motorcycles in Brazil are down compared to 2013, used car sales went up by 4.6% in the first half of 2014, with more than 6 million vehicles sold. Overall, it’s projected that used car sales in Brazil will go up by 6 to 7% this year.
Source: Federação Nacional das Associações dos Revendedores de Veículos Automotores

11 vinho

Sales of wines went up by 2% in Brazil during the first half of 2013, with table wines and sparkling wines showing the biggest increase (6%).
Source: Instituto Brasileiro do Vinho

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