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6 of the Latest Social Media Trends in Brazil

The more agencies understand how Brazilians access and use social media, the better they can optimize their campaigns and maximize their ad investment. That’s why we reviewed new research on Brazilian social media use. We spotted several trends, including:

#1 Seven Social Sites
According to a poll of more than 1,500 Brazilian Internet users aged 15 to 32 that was done by CONECTA  (an online community), on average, young Brazilian Internet users have profiles on 7 social media sites.
Facebook was the most popular (96% of Brazilian Internet users have a page on it), followed by YouTube (70%), Skype (69%), Google+ (67%), Twitter (64%), Orkut (57%) and Instagram (52%).

#2 Mobile Majority
The CONECTA survey indicated that 88% of the cell phones of younger Brazilian Internet users have the Facebook app installed. Most also have YouTube (81%) and WhatsApp (79%) on their phones. For those who own tablets, 61% have the Facebook app installed and 59% have the Youtube app.
This tendency to connect to social networks via mobile is further supported by research from Comitê Gestor da Internet no Brasil, which indicated that 53% of younger Brazilian Internet users go on social networks using cell phones and 16% use tablets.

#3 Always Connected
Another finding of the CONECTA survey was that because of the easy access through their phones, a large majority of Brazilian Internet users report they are always connected to social networks: 89% are continually on Facebook, 87% on WhatsApp and 63% on Instagram.

#4 World Leaders in Social Media Use
A survey from SurveyMonkey in partnership with Social@Ogilvy indicates that Brazilians spend nearly 14 hours a month on social networks, more than many large online markets. The survey polled 6,500 Internet users in 16 countries, including those in China, Russia, the United States, Germany, Japan, Argentina and Mexico. The #2 country in social media use was Russia, with an average of 10.8 hours a month, followed by Argentina.
This 14 hour per month figure on social media actually may be low, by the way. A recent study from comScore indicated that Brazilians spend 56 minutes a day on social media, a total of 1,680 minutes or 28 hours a month.

#5 Heavy Sharing
The SurveyMonkey survey also indicated that 71% of Brazilian Internet users share content on social media, the highest percentage of all countries surveyed.

#6 Social Searching for Jobs
A survey from Jana indicated that job hunters from Brazil prefer to use Facebook to look for work rather than LinkedIn or Google. In fact, 59% of the Brazilians said they use Facebook to look for jobs while only 14% use LinkedIn and 30% use Google+.

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