The Latest on Media Consumption in Argentina

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A massive 2013 study of more than 30,000 Argentines reveals their media consumption habits. Agencies and advertisers should find this data useful in planning media campaigns in Argentina. As such, below we break down some of the study’s key findings.


  • 98% of Argentines watched TV in the past year
  • 83% of Argentines watch TV nearly every day while 13% watch TV a few days a week
  • 68% of Argentines say their TV signal is from cable while 15% say they watch free TV, suggesting heavy cable TV penetration in Argentina
  • Argentines watch an average of 2 hours and 51 minutes of television a day
  • 65% of Argentines watch between 2 and 4 hours a day
  • 73% of Argentines watch the news on TV, 50% watch movies, 43% watch series and 34% watch sports
  • 95% of Argentines watch TV with a TV set, while 6% use a PC and 2% use a mobile phone


  • 86% of Argentines listen to the radio
  • 54% of Argentines listen to the radio every day and 26% listen to it several days a week
  • Argentine radio listeners spend an average of 3 hours and 28 minutes a day listening to the radio
  • 78% of Argentines listen to the radio with a home device
  • 35% of Argentines listen to the radio using a mobile phone or MP3 player
  • 22% of Argentines listen to the radio with a PC or tablet
  • 75% of Argentines listen to music on the radio and nearly 60% of Argentines listen to the news on the radio
  • 55% of Argentines listen to FM radio, 11% listen to AM radio and 17% listen to both frequencies

PRINT MEDIA (newspaper, magazines, books)

  • Overall, 70% of Argentines read newspapers
  • 23% of Argentines read newspapers nearly every day while 36% of Argentines read newspapers several days a week
  • 56% of Argentines read books, the highest readership level for books in Latin America
  • Overall, 47% of Argentines read magazines
  • 22% of Argentines read magazines several days a week


  • 71% of Argentines own a PC and 68% are PC users
  • 65% of Argentines connect to the Internet and 60% of Argentines have Internet connections in their homes
  • Argentines use PCs an average of 2 hours and 34 minutes a day
  • 62% of Argentines connect to the Internet with a computer while 24% of Argentines connect to the Internet with a mobile phone
  • 2% of Argentines connect to the Internet using a tablet
  • The main reasons that Argentine Internet users go online is to go on social media (57%), check email (54%), listen to/download music (49%), chat (46%), read newspapers (37%) consume other types of media (36%), homework (34%) and watch movies (32%)
  • Facebook is the page that Argentines say they visit the most (24%) while YouTube is the second most popular page (22%); other sites like Hotmail (3%) have much lower reported visit rates
  • 55% of Argentines have Facebook pages while only 13% have Twitter accounts


Girl holding tablet pc

  • 99% OF Argentines own TVs
  • 95% of Argentines own radios
  • 85% of Argentines own CD players
  • 85% of Argentines own mobile phones and 39% can connect to the Internet with their phones
  • 81% of Argentines have pay TV
  • 71% of Argentines have laptops or PCs

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