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Dominant 2014 Trends among Brazilian Internet Users

Let’s start with online ad investment figures from IAB Brasil:

  • In 2013 online advertising in Brazil grew by nearly 26% to reach R$ 5.7 billion (US$2.5 billion)
  • In 2014 it will grow another 25% to reach R$ 7.1 billion (US$3.2 billion)

Unlike Projeto Inter-Meios, IAB Brasil counts search, social and classified in its figures for online ad investment, whereas Projeto only counts display. Since Projeto reports that overall 2013 ad investment in Brazil was R$ 47.9 billion (US$21.4 billion), this means that online ads took up nearly 12% of the overall ad spend.

What to Know When Targeting Brazilian Internet Users
Recent data from comScore’s Brazil Futuro Digital 2014 and other sources offers some guidance for planning online campaigns in Brazil. Here are the trends to keep in mind:

>>>Start Test Campaigns with Instagram if You Haven’t Already
Why: Instagram use in Brazil has grown by nearly 900% since January 2013

>>>Ignore the Reports about Facebook Losing Influence in Brazil and Elsewhere

  • Facebook takes up nearly 98% of the total time that Brazilians spend on social networks
  • Twitter takes up only 0.7%
  • Total number of Facebook fans in Brazil has gone up by 148%
  • Total monthly interactions Across Top Facebook Pages in Brazil has gone up by 26%

>>>Mobile Components to Online Campaigns in Brazil Are Increasingly Important

>>>Social Campaigns Remain Crucial to Reaching Brazilian Internet Users

  • Total time spent on social networks grew by 6% in Brazil between 2013 and 2014
  • Brazilians spent nearly 13 hours in February on social sites
  • Brazilians spend more time on Facebook than the Mexican and Argentine online audiences combined: 46 million minutes in February 2013 versus 22 million minutes in Mexico and 22 million in Argentina
  • Despite Facebook’s dominance, other social sites are growing in Brazil, particularly LinkedIn, Tumblr and Yahoo Profile
  • Brazil is #2 in the world in terms of the reach of blogs: 77% reach compared to 78% reach in Japan, the #1 country in this respect

>>>Online Video Still Commands a Strong Audience in Brazil

  • In February 2014 Brazilians watched 156 online videos per viewer, compared to 160 per viewer in February 2013
  • YouTube is still the online video leader with Brazil, with 85 videos per viewer watched every month, while Globo is #2 with 30 per month
  • Turner Digital and Facebook are the fastest-growing online video sites in Brazil, posting 262% and 228% growth since 2013, respectively

To find out more how we can help your agency increase its efficiencies in Brazil through media services, innovation procurement or advanced media technology like programmatic buying, please contact us.




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