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What Brazil’s Huge Middle Class Will Buy in 2014

If Brazil’s Classe C middle class were a country, its annual consumption is enough for it to be among the top 20 countries in the world. With a total population of 108 million people, in 2013 Classe C spent R$ 1.17 trillion (US$530 billion). Recent studies from Serasa Experian, Data Popular and other sources have identified a number of hot products that Classe C will purchase in droves during 2014.


Brazil’s Classe C will buy 3 million cars in 2014. In all of 2013, Brazilians of all socioeconomic classes purchased 3.6 million cars, a figure that suggests that the middle class will account for most car purchases in 2014.

2 clothes

The Brazilian middle class will be responsible for 41% of all clothing purchases made in Brazil during 2014. Classe B will be responsible for 40% of the clothes purchases, will Class A will only account for 8% and Classes D and E combined will account for 8%.

3 cosmetics
In general, Brazilians of all socioeconomic classes will spend 14% more on cosmetics in 2014 than they did in 2013. Last year, Classes B and C were the biggest consumers of cosmetics in Brazil. Classe B Brazilians spent R$ 383 million (US$172 million) on cosmetics while Classe C Brazilians spent R$ 317 (US$143 million).

3 furniture
Brazil’s middle class will spend R$ 7.8 million (US$3.52 million) on furniture.

4 fridge 2

Classe C Brazilians will buy nearly 5 million refrigerators during 2014.

5 phone

Classe C will buy 3.9 million smartphones during 2014. Since IDC predicts that overall sales of smartphones in Brazil will reach 47 million units, this means that the Brazilian middle class will account for 8% of smartphone sales in 2014. In addition, a recent study from Kantar Worldpanel indicates that smartphones have a 17% penetration rate among Classe C.

6 tablet

It’s projected that the Brazilian middle class will buy 4.5 million tablets during 2014. Since total tablet sales in Brazil during 2014 are projected to reach 10.7 million, this means that Classe C will account for nearly half of all the tablets purchased in Brazil this year.

7 travel

Classe C will continue to step up its travel during 2014, spending R$ 8.5 million (US$3.84 million) on travel within Brazil and R$ 3.2 million (US$1.44 million) on travel outside of Brazil. Recently, Brazil’s Tourism Ministry indicated that Brazil’s middle class will make up 53% of the total of Brazilians who will travel outside the country in 2014. A 2012 study from Amadeus, a travel firm, indicated that Argentina was the #1 foreign travel destination for Classe C Brazilians, followed by Paraguay and Uruguay. The United States came in 4th place for Brazil’s middle class travelers, followed by Portugal and Spain.

7 tv
TV Sets

Classe C will purchase 6.7 million TV sets during 2014. Given that one economist has predicted that overall, Brazilians will purchase 9.5 million TV sets this year, this means that the Brazilian middle class will account for 70% of all TV sales in Brazil in 2014.

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