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Pay TV Keeps Growing Strongly in Latin America

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A recent report from research firm Business Bureau indicates that at the end of 2013 pay TV reached nearly 79 million homes in Latin America. Here’s a quick look at the top markets and the gains in subscribers.

Deepest Penetration
These are the markets where pay TV has the best reach:

  • Argentina: 83%
  • Chile: 69%
  • Venezuela: 68%
  • Puerto Rico: 62%
  • Uruguay: 61%
  • Colombia: 60%
  • Peru: 60%
  • Honduras: 58%
  • Mexico: 53%
  • Brazil: 42%

Biggest Markets
Brazil, Mexico and Argentina remain the largest pay TV subscribers in the region. Here are the latest figures for each:

  • Brazil: At the end of February 2014, 18.2 million homes in Brazil subscribed to pay TV,  which translates into an audience of 60 million.
  • Mexico: In December 2013 Mexico had 14.7 million pay TV subscribers, which translates into an audience of about 58 million.
  • Argentina: In December 2013 Argentina had 9.8 million pay TV subscribers, which translates into an audience of about 30 million.

Latam’s Growth Markets in Pay TV
Here’s a look at some of the markets that are showing noteworthy gains in pay TV:

  • Ecuador had nearly 1 million pay TV subscribers at the end of 2013, growing by 45% last year
  • Chile reached 2.55 million pay TV subscribers in December 2013, which represents 18% growth since December 2012
  • Uruguay had 677,000 pay TV subscribers in September 2013 and is projected to reached 85% penetration and more than a million subscribers by 2017
  • Colombia’s pay TV market grew by 13% in 2013 to reach 7.75 million subscribers*

*This figure factors in underreporting and pirated service

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