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10 Intriguing Facts about Brazilian Internet Users

After reviewing some new studies of Brazilian internautas, we discovered a number of surprising facts that digital marketers and agencies may be able to benefit from.

#1 Brazilians Use the Internet More Than Anyone
According to the report We Are Social, Brazilians spend 6.1 hours per day using the Internet, the highest global average. Essentially, Brazil leads the world in Internet use. The #2 country is South Africa, with 5.6 hours per user, per day. A number of key Internet markets trail Brazil in time spent online, including China (4.5 hours/day), the United States (5.2), the United Kingdom (4.2), and Canada (4.9).

#2 Most Brazilian Internet Users Spend Lots of Time at the Mall
While 20% go once a week and 31% go once a month, 10% of Brazilian Internet users go to shopping malls every day. The survey also selected 16 product categories, such as clothes, furniture, tools, shoes, appliances, electronics, phones and tech products, and asked Brazilians if they buy these products in malls or online. They overwhelmingly indicated that they buy these products at the mall. For example, 96% buy clothes at the mall and only 13% buy them online. The most popular products for Brazilians to buy online are tech products, phones, electronics and books.

#3 Most Plan on Traveling to Europe

A survey from CONECTAí found that 44% of Brazilian Internet users prefer to vacation in Europe, while 27% chose Central and South America, with only 14% choosing North America.

#4 The Majority Research Products Online before Buying Them Offline
According to research from comScore prepared as part of the upcoming Proxxima event in Sao Paulo, 74% of Brazilian Internet users research products on the Internet before buying them offline.  Nearly half (48%) of Brazilian Internet users research products online by using a mobile device while in the store. This is a significantly higher percentage than in 2012, in which 37% of Brazilian internautas reported doing this.

#5 Among the World Leaders in Social Media Use
The We Are Social report indicates that Brazil is #5 in the world in time spent on social media. Brazilian Internet users spend 3.1 hours a day on social media, exceeded by Argentina (4.3), Mexico (3.8), Thailand (3.7) and United Arab Emirates (3.3).

#6 They Spend More Time Online Than Watching TV
A recent IBOPE study showed that Brazilians spend 3 hours and 39 minutes on the Internet every day while watching TV for 3 hours and 29 minutes a day, listening to the radio for 3 hours and 7 minutes a day and reading newspapers for 1 hour and 5 minutes a day.

#7 One of the top 3 Facebook markets in the world
With 86 million active Facebook users, Brazil is #3 in the world behind India (90 million) and the United States (178 million). Recent data from Facebook itself indicates that 30 million Brazilians access Facebook via mobile devices and that Brazilians spend an average of 12 hours a month on the site.

#8 Beer and Wine are Their Favorite Drinks
An IBOPE study from late 2013 indicated that 72% of Brazilian Internet users consume alcohol. Beer tops the list of their favorite drinks: 70% of Brazilian Internet users indicated that they preferred beer, while 42% chose wine as their favorite drink.

#9 Most Mix TV and Online at the Same Time
The comScore research cited earlier also highlighted that 73% of Brazilians watch TV while using the Internet. The behavior of the Internet users seems to vary by the device they use to access the Internet while watching TV. More than half (54%) of Brazilians who use notebooks to go online while watching TV say they engage in activities not related to what they are watching, while 48% of those who use smartphones and 47% of those who use tablets report doing activities not related to what they’re watching on TV.
Also worth noting is that a November 2013 study from eCGlobal Solutions found that 86% of Brazilian Internet users go on social media to comment about TV shows, suggesting that solutions like Shazam could be helpful for certain brands.

#10 Most Are Pet Owners
A September 2013 IBOPE study indicated that 80% of Brazilian Internet users are pet owners. Dogs were the most popular pet by far, with 63% of Brazilian internautas owning them, while 27% own cats. Most Brazilian Internet users report spending between R$ 30 and R$ 75 (US$13 to US$34) a month.

To find out more how we can help you take advantage of this Brazilian Internet market intelligence to improve your results in reaching this market, please contact us.

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