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Making Display Perform via RTB

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Up until now, marketers have seen online display ads as brand presence vehicles. They were not seen as directly leading to sales. SEM and PPC ads were the preferred vehicle for direct response. A buyer at the tipping point searches for the product, sees the ad, like the offer, clicks and (hopefully) buys.

Display ads were for online media whose reader demographics matched those of an advertiser’s target market so potential customers would be aware of a brand and its positioning. This is higher up in the funnel, with the idea that when ready to buy, customers would remember the brand advertised with display ads.

But real time bidding (RTB) may have changed that. The demand side platforms (DSPs) that use real time bidding allow advertisers to buy an audience, not media. Advertisers or agencies review the audiences that the DSP connects to through their media inventories and buy impressions to reach that audience, optimizing creative and other aspects of the campaign as needed.

This precision may well allow advertisers to get performance out of display ads. This is because lots of DSPs allow advertisers to load data into them, whether it’s demographic/psychographic information about a brand’s customers or third party data about users of different sites. In matching up these data sets, a DSP can allow advertisers to target campaigns at people who are proven buyers of the products they are advertising. As a result, a display ads for a product can get in front of customers with a track record for buying, thus vastly improving the chances for converting them.

The challenge, of course, is getting the data sets about buyers of specific products. But with that in place, RTB or programmatic buying may make display even more effective at generating sales.

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