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Mexico Becomes Latin America’s #1 Mobile Market

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A new report from eMarketer indicates that smartphone use in Mexico grew by nearly 50% in 2013 and that in 2014 there will be more than 6 million new smartphone users in Mexico. This surge means that there will be a total of 33.3 million Mexican smartphone users in 2014. Given Mexico’s current population of 117 million, this means that smartphone users now make up 28% of the population. Mexico now leads Latin America in smartphone penetration, since smartphone penetration in Brazil is at 23%, at 19% in Chile, at 17% in Peru and at 20% in Argentina.

When you couple this increasing smartphone penetration with comScore showing that Mexico leads Latin America in Internet traffic from mobile devices and in tablet adoption/usage, it’s no surprise that marketers in Mexico are investing more in mobile advertising. In fact, eMarketer projects that in 2014 mobile ad investment in Mexico will increase by 87% to reach US$173 million. In Mexico, mobile represents 19% of the total digital ad spend. This is much higher than the rest of Latin America, in which mobile represents just 6.5% of digital ad spend. For further comparison, in more mature markets like the United States—where smartphone penetration recently reached 65%—mobile accounted for nearly 30% of digital ad spend in 2013.

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