Cross-Media Consumption Takes off in Latam

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A while back we shared some statistics on media consumption in Latin America, showing the results for each country. However, TGI Latina has done some more recent measurements in the larger media markets in the region that show increases in certain areas.


  • Newspaper consumption has gone up by 5%
  • Magazine consumption up by 7%
  • Pay TV consumption up by 5%



  • Newspaper consumption has gone up by 15%
  • Magazine consumption up by 8%
  • Pay TV consumption up by 11%


More Offline Going Online
These results show the changes in consumption between 2011 and 2013 in these countries. But what’s driving this growth? TGI cites the growth of the middle class and the fact that the Latin American media market still has plenty of room for growth.
One other key factor is that these numbers reflect the consumption of these forms of media either offline or online. Basically, more Latin Americans are consuming traditional forms of media—but they’re doing it online. Here are the increases TGI Latina has found between 2011 and 2013 for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico:

  • Online viewing of TV shows is up 24%
  • Online radio listening is up by 16%
  • Online magazine readership is up by 9%
  • Online newspaper readership is up by 6%
  • Reading the news on mobile devices is up by 6%
  • Watching or downloading a TV show on a mobile device is up by 5%

Cross-Media Consumption
In its analysis, TGI Latina also looked at consumption of major forms of media in terms of the platform, offline vs. online, in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. In these 4 countries, while offline media still tend to be consumed more in offline platforms, a significant percentage of consumers consume traditional media in both offline and online platforms. The graphics below show how this cross-media consumption is becoming more prevalent in these 4 large Latin American markets.













Given these patterns, it’s clear that brands need a calculated cross-media approach to maximize reach and ROI in Latin America’s major markets.

To find out more how we can help you reach Latin Americans with a strategic cross-media campaign, please contact us.

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