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3 Keys to a Successful Online Ad Campaign in Brazil

IAB Brasil recently published its 2013 Indicadores de Mercado report and it features some Brazilian online market intelligence that agencies and advertisers should factor in when planning their 2014 Internet ad campaigns in Brazil.

#1 Social Takes Up Most of the Searching by Brazil
IAB Brasil’s report cites data from Serasa Experian and Hitwise that shows that nearly 33% of site categories visited through organic searches in Brazil are social media sites.  Social media’s share of organic searches dwarfs the #2 site category, multimedia (video, music), which takes up nearly 9% of organic searches by Brazilian Internet users.
Applying this: Obviously, leveraging Brazilians’ love of social media depends on the target and the campaign goals. LinkedIn is Brazil’s #4 social site with 14.4 million uniques in October 2013 and reaches professionals. Blog sites like Tumblr and WordPress are also quite popular, but these require a content marketing rather than advertising approach. Also important to factor in is that comScore stated in its Futuro Digital Brasil 2013 report that Facebook takes up more than 90% of the time that Brazilians spend on social media sites, which suggests that Facebook retargeting needs to be part of the plans.

#2 More and More Brazilians Use Multiple Screens
Four out of 10 Brazilian Internet users watch TV while online. That data comes from TG.Net research, but it’s not an isolated result. A June 2013 study from Google and Ipsos indicated that 63% of Brazilian Internet users watch TV while on the Internet and 30% combine smartphones, TV and Internet.  Another 2013 study, this one from eCGlobal solutions, polled more than 2,100 Brazilians and found that 86% like to make comments on social media while watching TV. And a 2012 study from IBOPE Nielsen found that 43% of Brazilian Internet users watched TV while online.
Applying this: Shazam could be one interesting possibility to take advantage of this multiscreen tendency among Brazilians. The pattern also suggests the importance of tying in a social media component to TV campaigns beyond just hashtags.

#3 Brazilians Are Watching More Online Videos
More than 68 million Brazilian Internet users go on online video sites every month (87% reach) and they watch 184 videos per viewer every month.  In comparison, comScore indicated in its Futuro Digital Chile 2013 report that Argentine Internet users watch 81 online videos per user per month, Chileans watch 119 videos per user per month, Mexicans watch 103 per user per month and Colombians watch 135. In other words, Brazil has the largest amount of online video users in Latin America and they watch more videos per user than any country in the region.
Applying this: Besides a campaign on premium online video sites, online video networks may offer more cost-efficient pricing and useful targeting possibilities.

To find out more about how we can help you reach Brazilian Internet users with a wide range of fresh approaches, please contact us.

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