4 New Social Media Trends Sweeping Latin America

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Recent studies reveal some changes in the way Latin Americans are using social media. To offer professionals in marketing, media and advertising market insights that may be helpful for their next campaigns, we decided to highlight 4 of the recent trends we have observed.

#1 More Latin Americans Are Accessing Social Media Sites with Mobile Phones
In August, Facebook published data about its Latin American users. The social site indicated that it has 200 million users in Latin America, not a huge surprise given its deep penetration in the region. But what was surprising was the information Facebook revealed about its Latam users’ habits. Nearly 3 out of 4 Facebook users in Mexico (74.5%) connect to Facebook using mobile devices. Nearly 60% of Argentine Facebook users log onto the site with mobile devices and in Brazil, 58% of Facebook users go onto to site with either smartphones or tablets.
Of course, Facebook is not the only source that signals this trend. A study from Nielsen called The Mobile Consumer showed that 75% of the Brazilians they surveyed use their cell phones to go on social media, while a GfK Argentina study showed that 1 out of 3 Argentines access social media via their cell phones.

#2 More Than Half of Latin Americans Use Social Media for Business Purposes
A recent study from ESET Latin America—an antivirus company—showed that 51% of Latin Americans say they use social media for work purposes and nearly 50% share information about work through social media channels.

#3 Packaged Good Firms in Latin America Are Using Social Media More Than Ever
Market research firm Euromonitor recently noted the increase in social media use by companies that produce packaged goods. Among the main tactics the companies are using in Latin America are contests, special offers and free recipes. The report cites several examples, including a campaign for 15-minute recipes done by Wasil in Chile, a Facebook contest in Ecuador from Casero (an ice cream brand) and a campaign by Lay’s in Peru that allowed people to choose the next flavor for the brand’s chips. Download the report here.

#4 More Latin Americans Combine Social Media with Watching TV
The 2012 edition of the Ericsson Consumer Lab study involved consumers from several Latin American countries, including Chile, Brazil and Mexico. According to the study results:

  • 83% of Mexican consumers surveyed combine social media and TV
  • 79% of Chilean consumers combine social media and TV
  • 73% of Brazilians combine social media and TV

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