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The 6 Hottest Trends among Internet Users in Argentina

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Overall, the latest on Argentina’s Internet market can be summed up in two words: impressive growth. However, to help marketers, advertisers and media agencies take advantage of this growth in their digital media campaigns in Argentina, we put together some of the key growth trends.

#1 Online Radio is Growing Strongly in Argentina
According to comScore, online radio sites grew by 17% in unique visitors between March 2012 and March 2013. Overall, more than 3.5 million Argentines visited online radio sites in March 2013.

#2 Soon, a Mobile Market of 70 Million
A new report from Ericcson states that by 2018, Argentina will have 70 million mobile subscriptions. In addition, by 2018 mobile data traffic in Argentina will grow by 12 times. Factors involved in this growth include online video traffic, which will grow by 60% per year in Argentina between 2013 and 2018.
While not cited specifically by Ericcson, it’s likely that Argentina’s rapid rate of smartphone and tablet adoption—which we have covered previously—will also play a role in this mobile growth.

#3 Social Media Gains Reach and Impact
In May 2013, consulting firm Datos Claros reported that 90% of Argentina’s Internet users are on social media. This is massive growth compared to 2010, when just 25% of Argentine internautas used social media sites. In addition, according to Alejendro Zuzenberg, head of Facebook’s Argentina office, the social site has more than 20 million active users in Argentina and 52% of them are women.
However, the significance isn’t just in the sheer number of social media users. A recent survey from Oh! Panel reports that 62% of Argentine Internet users say they are fans of brands on social media.

#4 Online Video Reaches Nearly All the Country’s Internet Users
Recent research from comScore indicates that 96% of Argentine Internet users watch online video, watching an average of 117 videos per viewer per month.

#5 More Argentines Are Shopping Online Than Ever
In 2012 e-commerce in Argentina grew by 44%, according to a recent report from the Cámara Argentina de Comercio Electrónico (Argentine Chamber of E-Commerce or CACE). Overall sales topped 16.7 billion pesos (US$3.1 billion), compared to 11.5 billion pesos (US$2.1 billion) in 2011. The growth has been continual and impressive. In 2002 there were 3.7 million Internet users in Argentina and in December 2012 there were 31.1 million (75% penetration according to CACE). In 2002, only 10% of Internet users in Argentina shopped online and in 2012 more than 32% of Argentine Internet users engaged in e-commerce—nearly 10 million people.
The most popular products for Argentines to buy online in 2012 were smartphones, women’s clothing and car accessories. According to CACE, e-commerce will grow by 45% in Argentina in 2013.

#6 Legal Music Downloads Have Spiked
According to the Cámara Argentina de Productores de Fonogramas y Videogramas (Argentine Chamber of Producers of Sound and Video Recordings), there was a 400% increase in legal music downloads in Argentina in 2012. Nearly 42% of the downloaded music was from local artists, while English-language artists accounted for 42.5% of the year’s total.

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