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How to Reach Brazil’s Online Consumers

A recent study from McKinsey& Company focuses on what the firm calls iConsumers, essentially the consumers that have incorporated digital technologies into their daily lives. McKinsey’s report suggests strongly that advertisers need to change how they approach this digitally savvy group of consumers, especially since 79% of Brazilians between 18 and 29 see themselves as iConsumers.

Overall, McKinsey’s study identified 7 key segments among Brazil’s online consumers that marketers, advertisers and media professionals need to pay attention to.

#1 DIGITAL COMMUNICATORS. These make up the largest section of the online consumers, around 26%. They are mostly women (61%), 64% are upper middle class, their average age is 30 and they spend more time on social networks than other groups.
How to reach them: US Media Consulting works with a number of top online brands that target women in Brazil, including Glam Media,, ivillage and more. In addition, US Media Consulting represents SongPop—a wildly popular social media game and app—in Brazil. Since women make up as much as 60% of the social gamers in Brazil, this could be an additional approach to reach Brazil’s Digital Communicators.

#2 VIDEO DIGERATI. These make up 20% of Brazil’s online consumers and they consume more online videos than the average viewer. This audience is has more men (55%) than women, an average age of 30 and 51% are middle class.
How to reach them: One strategic way to do this is via a campaign on Jumba Video Network, which reaches Brazilian and Latin American online video viewers.

#3 TRADITIONALISTS. Around 15% of Brazil’s online consumers fall into this category, which has more women (55%) than men, an average age of 33 and has a significant number (45%) of middle-class Brazilians. This audience tends to spend less time on social networks, hence the name of “traditionalists.”
How to reach them: One interesting way to reach this more general audience is via music sites. Besides representing in Brazil and Latin America, we work closely with Grooveshark, Metrolyrics, Soundhound and more. In addition, since millions of Brazilians now use the Internet to plan travel, our relationships with major travel sites like Mundi, Tripadvisor and Clickhoteles may be an effective way to reach this segment. Finally, our reach with Brazil’s Internet users in areas such as news, finance, technology and lifestyle should also allow strong reach to this particular segment.

#4 ON THE GO WORKERS. Comprising 13% of Brazil’s online consumers, this segment is mostly female (60%), mostly middle class (55%), has an average age of 32 and spends more time using mobile phones than the average consumer.
How to reach them: Besides a campaign on sites from brands like Glam Media, Enfemenino and others with which US Media Consulting has a strong relationships, Jumba Mobile Network allows for targeted campaigns on a mobile advertising network extending all over Brazil and Latin America.

#5 DIGITAL MEDIA JUNKIES. This segment makes up 13% of Brazil’s online consumers, is predominantly male (63%), has an average age of 26 and many (47%) are middle class.
How to reach them: US Media Consulting works directly with a number of key technology brands, including CNET, Mashable, Netshelter, Wired, Kioskea and more. These websites attract readers looking to learn the latest about digital media.

#6 PROFESSIONALS. Around 8% of Brazil’s online consumers fall into this category, which has an average age of 37, consists mostly (56%) of men who are mostly (71%) upper middle class.
How to reach them: US Media Consulting represents The Wall Street Journal in Latin America and we also work with a number of top international business sites that attract this professional segment, including Forbes, Bloomberg, Adweek, The New York Times, AOL Money, International Business Times and Daily Finance. In addition, a campaign on our tech cluster (mentioned earlier) would also be an additional strategy to reach this particular audience.

#7 GAMERS. This segment makes up 5% of Brazil’s online consumers, are mostly male (52%), tend to be younger (average age 26) and tend to be middle class (52%).
How to reach them: US Media Consulting has strong relationships with a number of key online game brands with significant audiences in Brazil, including Gamespot, Spilgames, Rovio, GSN, Intergi and IGN. As such, we can implement a targeted campaign to reach this particular segment.

To find out how we can help you reach Brazil via any other type of media, please contact us.

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