4 of the Biggest Myths about Online Advertising in Mexico

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There are a number of false beliefs when it comes to digital advertising in Mexico that we have observed over the years. Here we highlight 4 of the main ones and explain the truth of the matter.

Myth #1: Internet Isn’t a Strong Medium in Mexico
While Internet penetration in Mexico (40%) isn’t nearly as strong as it is in the United States (78%), according to eMarketer, Mexico has 46 million Internet users. In Latin America only Brazil (89 million) has more Internet users. In fact, according to InternetWorldStats, Mexico is the world’s #12 Internet market and by 2015 Mexico is projected to have 65 million Internet users, more than France or the United Kingdom.

Myth #2: Online Advertising Isn’t Very Effective in Mexico
A recent study from IAB México—done in partnership with Millward Brown and Televisa.com—showed that 77% of Mexican Internet users stop to look at online advertising. In addition, 41% of internet users in Mexico indicate that they click on online advertising banners.

Myth #3: Social Media Have Little Influence on Purchase Decisions in Mexico
In the IAB Mexico study, 50% of Mexican Internet users indicated that the comments made on social media sites influence their opinions about brands. In addition, nearly half (48%) of internet users in Mexico follow brands on social media and 31% have written comments about brands on social media sites.

Myth #4: Mobile Advertising Offers Few Benefits to Advertisers in Mexico
According to consulting firm IDC, 16 million smartphones will be sold in Mexico in 2013, a significant increase compared to the 12 million sold in 2012. Mexicans will also buy more than 2 million tablets in 2013: this represents a gigantic increase of 986% compared with 2010, when they bought only 184,000 tablets.
And according to the results from the IAB Mexico study, in 2012 50% of Mexican Internet users were using smartphones to go online, compared to just 33% in 2011. Also in 2012, 19% of Mexican Internet users reported using their tablets to connect to the Internet, compared to just 7% in 2011. Finally, according to Hunt Mobile Ads, the average CTR of mobile ads in Mexico is .56% while MediaMind has reported an average CTR of 0.15% for a standard Internet banner in Mexico. Together, these data points indicate clearly that mobile advertising offers a great deal of potential for advertisers who wish to reach Mexican Internet users.

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