Latin Americans Flock to Brands’ Social Media Pages

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A recent survey conducted by Inavero for the American Marketing Association indicates that 76% of marketers plan to increase their focus on social media in 2013. While a similar survey of Latin American marketers hasn’t yet been done, new research suggests that they should join their American counterparts in prioritizing social media.

A November 2012 survey by Ipsos OTX and Ipsos Global @dvisor reveals that 70% of consumers in Brazil, 72% of consumers in Mexico and 64% of consumers in Argentina say they are likely to regularly check brands’ social media pages. In addition, the same survey shows that 50% of consumers in Spain are likely to regularly visit the social media pages of brands.

The significance of these figures extends beyond good branding practices to helping convert more clients and impact revenues. Here’s why:

  • 41% of Brazilian Internet users say they do product searches on social media before buying*
  • 70% of Argentine Internet users check the opinions of other people on social media before buying a product**
  • 53% of Mexican Internet users say that they like to see advertising on social media***
  • Mexicans mainly follow brands on social media to obtain discounts or because they identify with the brand***
  • Presence on social media increased web traffic for Famsa —a discount department store in México— by 385% between 2011 and 2012; Elektra, another store, expereinced a 96% increase in traffic in the same period, also due to increased social media presence****

Sources: *comScore, **Oh! Panel, ***Asociacion Mexicana del Internet, ****Master Research
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