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7 New Trends in Brazilian Media

To help advertisers, media professionals and marketers with their future campaigns, here’s a look at key recent developments within Brazil’s media market.

#1 Newspaper Circulation Keeps Growing
According to the Instituto Verificador de Circulação, newspaper circulation in Brazil went up 1.8% in 2012. The average daily circulation of newspapers in Brazil in 2012 was 4.5 million copies, a new record.

#2 Brazil Has 94 Million Internet Users—with 22 Million More on the Way
According to IBOPE, Brazil reached this figure in November 2012. It’s significantly higher than the 83 million reported earlier by IBOPE or the 85 million estimated by comScore. This is because this count of Internet users in Brazil includes children between 2 and 15. Regardless, it looks like Brazil will have more than 100 million Internet users in 2013: a study from Search Laboratory estimates that this year, Brazil will gain 22 million new internautas.

#3 Brazil Has 261 Million Mobile Lines
According to Anatel, Brazil had 261 million active mobile lines at the end of 2012, 8% more than in 2011. Overall, the agency reports that Brazil now has 132% mobile penetration. An increasing number of these phones are smartphones: in fact, it’s projected that more than 21 million smartphones will be sold in Brazil in 2013.

#4 TV Watching and Pay TV Are Both Up in Brazil
According to IBOPE, in 2012 Brazilians watched 3 more minutes of TV than they did in 2011 and overall they watch 23 more minutes of TV than they did 5 years ago. Average TV consumption in Brazil is 5 hours and 32 minutes per day. In addition, the Agência Nacional de Telecomunicações (Anatel) reported that at the end of 2012, 16.2 million households in Brazil were subscribing to pay TV, an increase of 27%. Since the average amount of people per household in the country is 3.3, this means that pay TV has an audience of 53.4 million in Brazil.

#5 Most Magazine Readers in Brazil Are Women
A 2012 study from IBOPE’s Target Group Index showed that 61% of magazine readers in Brazil are women and are from classes AB. In addition, the highest amount of magazine readers in the past 7 days (37%) are from Brasilia and Belo Horizonte. In all of Brazil, 31% of Brazilians have read a magazine in the past 7 days, according to the study. In addition, 57% of magazine readers have consumed 5 or 6 other forms of media in the past 7 days. Other pertinent activities among Brazilian magazine readers include:

  • Going on social media (54%)
  • Reading news often (45%)
  • Serving as brand champions by writing product reviews that convince others (27%)

#6 Brazil Leads the World in Facebook Growth
A study from SocialBakers indicates that 30 million Brazilians joined Facebook in 2012—the biggest increase in any country in the world. India was in second place with 21 million and Japan was third, with 11 million. Brazil is also one of the countries whose citizens are the most engaged with Facebook. On average, each Brazilian Facebook user spends 535 minutes a month on the site, 208% more time than in 2011.

#7 Cross Media Usage Is More Common than Ever in Brazil
A 2012 study from E.Life indicated that 50% of Brazilian Internet users watch TV while on social media. A 2012 study from IBOPE showed that 43% of Brazilians watch TV while on social media and that 29% comment about what they’re watching on these media. A third study, this one from Ericcson Consumer Lab, showed that 73% of Brazilians watch TV while on social media.
But TV and social media aren’t the only ones that Brazilians blend. A study from Target Group Index indicated that 22% of Brazilians watch TV while reading the newspaper and 17% listen to the radio while they’re on the Internet.

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