4 Reasons Why Print Still Has Power in Brazil and Latam

4 Reasons Why Print Still Has Power in Brazil and Latam

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Despite the challenges that print has faced in markets like the United States, the medium still provides strong reach in Latin America. Here’s why:

#1 Newspapers in Peru have grown in circulation by 50% over the past 4 years

This growth was reported by KPMG, which recently studied newspapers in Peru.

#2 Brazilian Newspapers Are Still Growing
According to the Instituto Verificador de Circulacao, Brazilian newspapers grew by 2.3% in circulation during the first 6 months of 2012 and 73% of Brazilians prefer to get their news from print media rather than online sources.

#3 Consumer magazine ad spend dropped in every region in 2009—EXCEPT in Latin America
PriceWaterhouseCooper reported these results in their Global Entertainment Media Outlook 2012-2016 study. Besides holding steady during challenging times, magazines in Latin America are projected to grow in ad spend over the next 4 years, projects PWC.

#4 Newspapers command strong shares of ad spend in several Latam markets
In 2011, newspapers and magazines commanded 36% of ad spend in Colombia, more than Internet (5%) and radio (20%), while free TV commanded 46%. In Chile in 2011, newspapers and magazines accounted for 28% of ad spend, second only to free TV (44.9%). In Argentina in 2011, newspapers and magazines accounted for 39.8% of ad spend, more than TV (37.4%) and any other medium, including radio (3.2%), Internet (6.1%), OOH (5%) and pay TV (7%). In Brazil in 2011, print media accounted for 18% of ad spend, #2 behind free TV, which took up 63% of ad spend.

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