Brazil’s Ad Market Grew by 8.5% in 2011

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Figures just released by Projeto Inter-Meios show a total billing by the Brazilian ad industry of 39 billion reales ($US22.5 billion), with 28 billion reales (US$16 billion) corresponding to pure ad space sales.

In 2010, the industry billed 21 billion reales, growing 20% compared to 2009. Free TV is still the leader in ad spend in Brazil, capturing 63% of the total. Below is a quick breakdown:

Note that Projeto Inter-Meios shows Internet as having only 5.1% of total ad spend in Brazil, while IAB Brasil’s figures show online capturing 10% of ad spend. That may because of the way Internet ad spend is tallied. IAB Brasil brings together both search and display, since these components each make up 50% of the online ad spend in Brazil. Projeto Inter-Meios does not seem to make that distinction, hence the difference between the two organizations’ figures.

Despite this difference, Projeto Inter-Meios observed that Internet ad spend grew by nearly 20% in 2011, more than any other medium. Out-of-home in Brazil also posted impressive growth in 2011—it grew by 12%. Brazilian print media also grew well in ad spend in 2011: newspapers gained 3.8% and magazine ad spend went up by 3.5%. These strong print numbers match other recent statistics that show the medium is doing quite well in Brazil, unlike in other markets. According to Projeto Inter-Meios, the only Brazilian media to show drops in 2011 were cinema and guides.

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