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On April 15, more than 700 of the world’s top media professionals will come together in Montreux, Switzerland to exchange ideas, best practices and the latest research in the field. The sixth edition of the Festival of Media promises to be the strongest yet, building on success that started with the Festival’s launch in 2007.

Several factors set the Festival of Media Global 2012 apart from other types of media industry events—and offer key advantages for attendees.

The Top at the Top
From the beginning, The Festival of Media Global has attracted industry leaders. A quick skim of the 2011 list of attendees reveals the large amount of CEOs, directors, presidents and other key executives that attend. For top media professionals, this offers a rare opportunity for high-level interactions with your peers, which include both attendees and speakers. This is particularly true for Latin America. Executives from media agencies, advertising agencies and top brands from every major market in the region attended in 2011 and even more are expected in 2012.

Rich Range
One of the challenges in finding the right media event is focus. Often, an event’s focus can be so specialized that an attendee will only find peers in their specific industry whom they already know. In sharp contrast, the Festival of Media Global attracts professionals from all forms of media—Internet, broadcast, print, out-of-home—and industries. Food, autos, consumer electronics, computers and video games were among the industry sectors represented at recent editions of the Festival. And of course, every major media agency around the globe makes sure to attend.
The Festival’s diversity extends beyond industry to include geography. Executives from over 40 countries attended in 2011 and an even broader selection is expected for 2012. 
As such, firms looking to expand their brands or reach new markets may well find the contacts that can help open doors.

Digging Deep
The theme for this year’s Festival of Media Global 2012 agenda is “When data becomes insight: the beauty in numbers and the science of storytelling.” As such, the Festival’s agenda will feature speakers that will explain how to get the most out of the wealth of consumer data that’s available so as to improve storytelling and maximize ROI. After all, every campaign in every medium is a story. And the better you tell it—and the more it connects with the needs of the audience—the more impact it will have. This theme reflects the kind of agenda that the Festival sets every year: in-depth explorations of the key concerns that affect the world’s media, advertising and marketing professionals. As such, attendees will complement their contacts with the insights needed to impact their daily efforts.

To find out more about the Festival of Media, please visit its Web site or its Facebook page.

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