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Chile is #1 in Latin America in Connectivity Technology

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Developed by Nokia Siemens Network, the Connectivity Scorecard annually ranks the top 50 countries in the world in terms of how they use information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure. It also measures how much governments, businesses and consumers make use of connectivity technology. The Scorecard divides countries into 2 categories—resource-driven economies and innovation-driven economies—and ranks them accordingly.

In 2011, Chile ranked #1 in Latin America and #2 among resource-driven economies like Russia, Brazil and Mexico. Its overall score as 6.21, not far from the scores of innovation-driven economies like the United States (7.82), the United Kingdom (7.06) and Canada (6.88).

What Drove the Rank
Nokia Siemens Network cited several factors in the country’s high ICT ranking:

• Internet and broadband penetration in Chile are among the highest in the region
• Chilean businesses have a high availability of international bandwidth and strong penetration of PCs
• A high secondary school enrollment rate, which boosts its scores in terms of business usage and skills

Also cited as part of Chile’s high score was its pioneering role in terms of new technologies. Chile was the first country in Latin America to launch services like mobile WiMAX, IPTV, wireless TVoIP, triple-play services and mobile voice-to-text. Chile was the second country—after Puerto Rico—to have 3G mobile services.

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