In Brazil, Online Media’s Ad Share Will Double in 2011

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In July, IAB Brazil reported that online will make up 10% of Brazil’s total ad spend this year, a jump of more than double compared to 2010, when it was 4.2%.  The projection is based on research from the group’s 132 members, which are mostly full-service agencies.

What’s spurring the shift in ad dollars is online’s increasing viability for reaching Brazilian consumers. At 37%, Internet penetration in Brazil may be low compared to other countries, but there are 73 million users to reach—it’s the biggest online market in Latin America, followed by Mexico. And projections say this number will grow by 18% a year through 2016. Brazilian Internet users also spend an average of 24 hours a month online—much more than users in Italy and India and just behind France.

Follow the money
A recent study by comScore offers some hints as to where marketers and media buyers may be directing this doubled investment in online ads:
• Search: 86% of Brazilian users go online to search
• Social networks: 85% of users go online to connect with friends on Orkrut or Facebook. Orkrut is still the top social media site, but Facebook grew by 258% between 2009 and 2010 in Brazil. Brazil also ranks #2 among the top Twitter markets.
• Blogs and email: 71% and 75%, respectively, of Brazilian Internet users go online to read blogs or email
• Retail: 70% of Brazilian users go online to shop, with top sites including Mercado Libre, Lojas Americanas and BuscaPe

Other Top Activities for Brazilians on the Internet
• Obtain technology info: 60%
• Download software: 59%
• Read news: 59%
• Play games: 53%

Hot New Online Categories in Brazil
• Travel: grew by 49% in 2010
• Automotive: grew by 32% in 2010
• Group-buying sites: 50% growth among top sites like and in 2010
• Online banking: grew by 25% in 2010

Leveraging the Market
We can help you hit key segments in the Brazilian online market with a variety of media that we represent exclusively, including:

iG. This portal is practically one-stop shopping in reaching Brazil’s overall online market and segments. 

  • It ranks #7 in popularity overall, with 27.5 million unique visitors a month
  • iG’s music channel ranks #1 in its category, with 9 million unique visitors a month
  • Its tech channel is also #1 in its category, drawing 4 million uniques a month
  • Its financial news channel draws 1 million uniques and is #2 in the category

CNET: It ranks #6 in popularity among tech sites in Brazil, with 1.3 million uniques a month Ranking #8 among music sites, it draws 1.2 million uniques a month

Gamespot: It’s #5 in the gaming category in Brazil, drawing 801,000 uniques a month.

Wall Street Journal: Ranking #12 in financial news, it draws 87,000 uniques a month, mostly C-suite executives

To learn more about how we can help you reach Brazil via online or other media, contact us at

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